5 Things You Should Know Before Joining An Online Server.

So you have been playing single-player for a while, maybe even with a friend or family member and now you thinking about joining an online server. The sandbox effect of playing with a much larger community can be pretty awesome. The dynamic of playing this open-world zombie survival crafting game with 30 or 40 other people can bring a lot more excitement to the game.

How long has the server been around?

There is nothing like jumping on a new server with a fresh day 1 wipe. Invest hours upon hours, if not days and weeks of your time. Only to then have the server disappear on you. There isn’t a day that goes by where I haven’t seen someone advertising their new $30 gaming server on the 7 Days To Die PC Facebook group. The problem with this is that they never last too long.


If you are going to join an online server, make sure it’s a well-established one. One with a name, a reputation and a large and active community that standby by it. This will ensure a number of things. 1. The server isn’t going to just disappear one day without a trace. 2. If it’s been around for a few years and has a large community then it’s obviously a well run and friendly server with good admins. This brings me to my next point…


7 Days To Die being an Alpha game can be frustrating to play sometimes, you don’t want to add further frustrations by joining and committing to a server run by someone or a group of people that have no idea what they are doing. There are lots of benefits to playing on an online multiplier server but there are also more bugs and issues that can arise as well. Having an active and experienced team of moderators and admins will enhance your enjoyment.

Pay To Win

Some 7 Days To Die Servers will have an option to donate to help pay for the server bill. Either via a Patreon or Paypal and other servers will go as far as to sell in-game items for direct cash payment. This is against the TOC of The Fun Pimps. You can not sell an in-game item such as a gun, ammo or material for a direct payment. If you join a server and the admin is willing to get you something out of the creative menu in exchange for real-world money or they sell it directly via their website. Then this is a red flag and a sign to avoid playing on a server like this.

Server Type

If you are looking to get on a server with a lot of people you will need the hardware to compensate for the game’s lack of optimization. A $30 or $50 a month gaming server is not gonna cope well with 20+ people on it. Especially server owner has added a lot of mods. But then the next upgrade from the more expensive share hosting gaming servers is for the owner to buy a Dedicated server just for that instance for their community. That’s a minimum of $250 a month which is a hefty price. So their either need to be rich or having a very financially supportive community. Without a dedicated server, you will consistently run into lag and other errors.

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