.44 Magnum

Item ID:Misc
Sell Price:
Max Stack:1
 Ranged Weapon
Covering AttributeAgility

7 Days To Die .44 Magnum


The .44 Magnum is a powerful short to medium range weapon. It uses .44 Magnum bullets and has a capacity of 6 cartridges. This Handgun is quite durable and will need fixing after about 583 shots. 

It reloads automatically if you have the right ammunition or you can do it manually by pressing R. This weapon is found all over the 7 Days To Die world. You can most commonly find it at one of the 7 days to die shotgun messiah factory or simply craft it if you have all the required items.

Combat Using Magnum

This is a powerful weapon to have especially in close combat. Just one shot to the head can bring down even the tough zombies. Of course, the common weaker zombies will die if you shoot them anywhere in close quarters. However, there are drawbacks to using the Magnum.

For one, it is loud and has a noise range of 60 metres. This will attract more zombies. For another, the reload is pretty slow. Add all of this to the small magazine capacity and it can become a pretty tough situation if you have to handle multiple zombies. The ammunition for this powerful handgun is also costly and not easily available and you’ll probably need to craft it using a workbench.

Weapon PropertiesCharacteristic PropertiesScrapping/Forging Properties
Entity Damage




Durability (Min Quality)150ScrappableYes
Block Damage




Durability (Max Quality)300Scraps IntoHandgun Parts
Effective Range25Degradation per Use1MeltableNo
Rounds per Minute100Compatible ModsRevolver, Barrel, Side, Small Top, noSilencerCombustibleNo
Reload Time4sRepaired UsingRepair Kit  
Ammo Type.44 Magnum Bullet
.44 Magnum Bullet (AP)
.44 Magnum Bullet (HP)
Base Price1000  
Magazine Size6Max Stack1  
Butcher ToolNo    
Disassemble ToolNo    

Crafting A Magnum

The following items are required to craft a Magnum in 7 Days 2 Die:

  • 10* Forged Steel
  • 5x Handgun Parts
  • 10x Forged Iron
  • 3x Duct Tape
  • 12x Scrap Polymers
  • 5x Spring
Workbench.44 Magnum Schematic


Magnum Repair

This weapon will wear down with every use and you will eventually have to repair it. You will need a repair kit to repair the Magnum.

.44 Magnum Scrapping

Scrapping a Magnum will get you Handgun Parts.

Weapon Modifications: .44 Magnum Mods

The .44 Magnum is compatible with the following Mods:

Scope Modifications

  • Reflex Sight Mod
  • Scope 2x Mod

Underbarrel Modifications

  • Weapon Flashlight Mod
  • Laser Sight Mod

Barrel Modifications

  • Muzzle Brake Mod
  • Barrel ExtenderMod

Other Mods

  • Rad Remover Mod
  • The Hunter Mod
  • Blessed Metal Mod
  • Cripple ‘Em Mod

.44 Magnum Vs. .44 Desert Vulture

  • .44 Magnum is a Tier 2 Handgun, while the.44 Desert Vulture is a Tier 3 Handgun..
  • The Magnum does more damage compared to the Desert Vulture.
  • The Magnum is also easier to craft or find in the 7D2D world.
  • The Desert Vulture reloads much faster compared to the Magnum and also has a bigger magazine.
  • The Desert VUlture supports more Mods compared to the Magnum.
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