7 Days To Die Acid

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Overview Of Acid In 7 Days To Die

This is a very useful advanced-stage resource to have in the 7D2D world. It is required in order to craft certain advanced recipes. One way of getting this item is by looting Utility Carts etc.


Item ID:
Sell Price:
Max Stack:
7 Days To Die Acid

Obtaining Acid In 7D2D

Although this item is required to craft advanced items, you cannot craft this itself. It can only be obtained by either buying it off Traders or by looting as we mentioned above. Some of the places to loot in order to find this item is in Utility Carts, Garage and Utility Crates, Car Wrecks, Sinks and Lab equipment piles.

Recipes Using Acid

One or more Bottle of this item is required in order to craft the following items: 

Chemistry Station
Grandpa’s Learn’n Elixir
Grandpa’s Moonshine
Lead Car Battery
Military Fiber
Timed Charge
Required Materials
Beaker *1, Forged Iron *100, Cooking Pot *3, Short Iron Pipe *30, Bottle of Acid *5
Can of Dog Food *2, Red Tea *2, Bottle of Acid *1, Beer *1
Corn Meal *5, Grain Alcohol *1, Blueberries *5, Bottle of Acid *1
Lead *180, Bottle of Acid *4, Scrap Polymers *6
Bottle of Acid *1, Duct Tape *5, Scrap Polymers *10, Plant Fibers *100
Bottle of Acid *2, Grain Alcohol *1, Scrap Polymers *5, Vitamins *1
Iron *50, Gun Powder *25, Electrical Parts *10, Bottle of Acid *1
Scrap Polymers *24, Bottle of Acid *1, Forged Iron *3, Oil *2, Coal *15

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