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The 7 Days To Die Auger is one of the best tools to use if you’re going to be doing mining but it can also be used to destroy things much faster with the exception of wooden items. It can be used also as a melee weapon but it deals very little damage.

The auger can be both looted and crafted. You can usually find augers inside of working stiff crates or garage storage crates if you’re lucky. In order to use an auger, you will need to fuel it with gas. There are also an assortment of mods that can be attached to improve performace and increase resources yields which you can find below.


Item ID:
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Heat Map

Using an auger will generate heat on the Heat Map, meaning you will attract screamers which will in turn bring more zombies to your location if the heat map gets hot enough.


After you find an auger schematic, you can then start crafting it inside of a workbench with the following materials:

16x Motor tool parts, 1x Bicycle handlebars, 1x Engine, 30x Forged Steel


There are a number of mods that can be added to an auger to improve performance. The number of mods you can add depends on the level. With a level 6 auger (which can ONLY be looted) you can have up to four different mods attatched.

  • Bunker Buster – 15% more damage against stone
  • Iron Breaker – 15% more damage against iron
  • Grave Digger – 15% more damage against dirt
  • Wood Splitter – 15% more damage against wood
  • Motor Tool Large Tank – Increases tank size for Augers and Chainsaws by 100%
  • Diamond Blade Tip – Any hand tool or bladed weapon degrades 40% slower with this mod
  • Burning Shaft – Can be added to be used auger as a light source and set enemies on fire

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