7 Days To Die Global Ban List

If you are a server owner or admin of a server, then visiting this page daily will be a must for you. 7 Days To Die is still in development and therefore is one of the easiest games to hack. Any player can just delete a few lines of code on the local game files and then join your server with full access to the creative menu. It’s not hard to find hacks for PVP servers, like Aim Bot and ESP (wallhacks). Not to mention 7 Days To Die is very susceptible to Lag Switching.

The only tools to help defend our servers and members are Server Manager Bots and our diligence. However, now we can combine our efforts in creating this global ban list. Below is a list of players running hacks on 7 Days To Die. Most of them accessed God Mode and wrecked player bases using admin tools.

How to add a player to the 7D2D Global Ban List

You can contact us on our Facebook page with the player’s name and steam ID. We will also require solid evidence of the crimes committed, as we will not add anyone to the global ban list without good reason. To add it to your server, you must copy the entire text between the dashed red line and paste it into your admin.xml file. Right at the bottom in the middle of the blacklist section. <blacklist> paste here </blacklist>

<!– <blacklisted platform=”EOS” userid=”00020118faf84953941a74de096e720c” name=”EggNog” unbandate=”2021-12-19 23:27:35″ reason=”Hacking” />

<blacklisted platform=”EOS” userid=”0002b3cd077d486fb7a045465981a01″ name=”Old Town Road” unbandate=”2021-12-19 23:27:35″ reason=”Hacking” />

<blacklisted platform=”EOS” userid=”00025657ac914ae8ae086b3c94d5f2c0″ name=”daysames7744″ unbandate=”2031-12-20 12:44:43″ reason=”Hacking” />

<blacklisted platform=”EOS” userid=”0002756d9b894a3b84a46c9eef323c4″ name=”brandon.davis0829″ unbandate=”2031-12-20 12:44:43″ reason=”Hacking” />

<blacklisted platform=”EOS” userid=”0002756d9b894a3b84a46c9eef323c4f” name=”brandon.davis0829″ unbandate=”2031-12-22 20:12:11″ reason=”Hacking” />

<blacklisted platform=”Steam” userid=”76561198011937476″ unbandate=”2022-06-26 04:51:24″ reason=”Hacking” />

<blacklisted platform=”EOS” userid=”0002a780112b444790f053192a24cdb3″ name=”Piesicle” unbandate=”2121-12-29 06:44:44″ reason=”spamming the N word” />

<blacklisted platform=”Steam” userid=”76561198831231565″ unbandate=”2022-06-29 20:27:10″ reason=”Hackings” />

<blacklisted platform=”Steam” userid=”76561198255757701″ unbandate=”2022-06-29 20:28:32″ reason=”Hacking” />

<blacklisted platform=”EOS” userid=”00027b22a4da41e985f196cf1539c26″ name=”ChrisTheMan9″ unbandate=”2021-12-19 23:27:35″ reason=”Hacking” />

<blacklisted platform=”EOS” userid=”00021be285784dfe81f2a1bfa489468″ name=”AxisDBD” unbandate=”2021-12-19 23:27:35″ reason=”Hacking” />

<blacklisted platform=”EOS” userid=”0002b2f4f3554467813bf772dfe3eed” name=”myg0t.win” unbandate=”2121-12-31 20:20:39″ reason=”Hacking” />

<blacklisted platform=”EOS” userid=”76561198120165925″ name=”Hetjax” unbandate=”2121-12-31 20:20:39″ reason=”Hacking” />

<blacklisted platform=”Steam” userid=”76561199152597557″ unbandate=”2022-07-05 18:13:05″ reason=”Hacking” />

<blacklisted platform=”Steam” userid=”76561199209833285″ unbandate=”2032-01-06 19:15:09″ reason=”Hacking” />

<blacklisted platform=”EOS” userid=”00024a0de9464e569a4d2f18e4fa56c3″ name=”evilwarrant” unbandate=”2032-01-08 14:23:04″ reason=”Hacking” />

<blacklisted platform=”Steam” userid=”76561198105090370″ unbandate=”2032-01-08 15:47:09″ reason=”Hacking” />

<blacklisted platform=”Steam” userid=”76561198194780202″ unbandate=”2032-03-29 10:28:21″ reason=”Hacking” />

<blacklisted platform=”Steam” userid=”76561198014873135″ unbandate=”2032-01-12 00:18:17″ reason=”Toxic Players” />

<blacklisted platform=”EOS” userid=”0002d76d3a60440b8e086e4c4c2f4983″ name=”Yahmahn” unbandate=”2032-01-18 01:00:18″ reason=”Toxic” />

<blacklisted platform=”Steam” userid=”76561199135059231″ unbandate=”2022-01-29 18:11:32″ reason=”Hacking” />

<blacklisted platform=”EOS” userid=”0002b38d595f42cfa1d37b844e27484f” name=”linuhgu” unbandate=”2032-01-25 01:53:56″ reason=”Hacking” />

<blacklisted platform=”Steam” userid=”76561198819887397″ unbandate=”2022-07-25 23:02:39″ reason=”Hacking” />

<blacklisted platform=”EOS” userid=”0002c358795e40828e2612a371f1f426″ name=”titusassole” unbandate=”2122-01-27 22:48:25″ reason=”Racism” />

<blacklisted platform=”EOS” userid=”0002d796674344f98783af096c04d0f3″ name=”BLAZN4KILLS” unbandate=”2122-01-30 01:05:01″ reason=”Racism” />

<blacklisted platform=”EOS” userid=”000286db907d42f4878813c4bb053e34″ name=”ClownShoes” unbandate=”2122-01-30 01:05:39″ reason=”Racism” />

<blacklisted platform=”EOS” userid=”0002fac13e2d46fe8bdbedbdd60378eb” name=”Flame” unbandate=”2122-01-30 01:06:23″ reason=”Racism” />

<blacklisted platform=”Steam” userid=”76561199058874955″ unbandate=”2032-01-30 01:07:08″ reason=”Racism” />

<blacklisted platform=”EOS” userid=”000239a257b543f3b835ef04120c97aa” name=”Magic Man” unbandate=”2032-01-30 22:13:38″ reason=”Toxic” />

<blacklisted platform=”Steam” userid=”76561198101005139″ unbandate=”2032-01-31 08:14:01″ reason=”Toxic” />

<blacklisted platform=”Steam” userid=”76561199220287840″ unbandate=”2032-01-31 14:22:39″ reason=”Racist and Toxic” />

<blacklisted platform=”Steam” userid=”76561198000983515″ unbandate=”2022-02-07 18:45:12″ reason=”Toxic” />

<blacklisted platform=”EOS” userid=”000274f4f3574100b1564ebd2ff9799a” name=”The Janitor” unbandate=”2122-02-06 22:34:39″ reason=”Nice Racism Fool” />

<blacklisted platform=”Steam” userid=”76561198125985562″ unbandate=”2032-02-17 09:48:24″ reason=”Zombie Raiding a player base and being toxic” />

<blacklisted platform=”Steam” userid=”76561199233837150″ unbandate=”2022-12-17 09:48:44″ reason=”Zombie Raiding a player base and being toxic” />

<blacklisted platform=”Steam” userid=”76561199094630032″ unbandate=”2032-02-17 09:49:02″ reason=”Zombie Raiding a player base and being toxic” />

<blacklisted platform=”EOS” userid=”00022af98f954ad0808155487d2c8347″ name=”Cash” unbandate=”2022-04-03 00:19:35″ reason=”Spamming” />

<blacklisted platform=”Steam” userid=”76561198079019751″ unbandate=”2022-06-14 00:53:03″ reason=”stealing from player base” />


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