7 Days To Die Battery Bank

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The  Battery Bank has been a new addition as part of the games Electricity mechanics since the A16 release. This item can be used to power electrical components. In order to work, the Battery Bank needs to be fitted in with at least one battery. You can add a maximum of 6 batteries to the Bank.

The total number of batteries in the bank determines its max energy output. If you connect the Battery Bank to an external power source and turn it on, this will cause the bank to recharge its batteries. If no batteries are added, then the bank in between will only act as a relay that can pass power from the external source, down multiple output lines.

A good design would be to pair the Battery Bank with a Solar Bank. This way the Batteries get recharged during the daytime.

7 Days To Die Battery Bank

Battery Bank

Item ID:
Sell Price:
Max Stack:

Crafting A Battery Bank

The following resources are required to craft this valuable item.

11* Electrical Parts
6* Scrap Polymers
Advanced Engineering Level 4

Battery Discharging

When the battery bank is turned on, it will continuously use up the battery durability from each of the six slots, beginning from the top left. The battery durability is lost at a rate of 4 Points/minute/Watt. For example, if the bank produced a power of 45W, then,

durability per minute = 4 x 45 = 180.

Charge duration (minutes) = Battery Durability / (4 x Power Usage)

Battery Charging

In order to recharge a Battery Bank, you need to connect it with an external power source such as Solar Bank or a Generator. You can attach this external power source to the battery bank by using a wire tool. Using a wire tool, first right click on the power source and then again on the bank. This will connect both items.

In order to recharge the batteries in the bank, you also need to turn on the Bank. If it is off, then it will simply act as a relay and not recharge its batteries. While recharging, the bank consumes power at the rate of 5W. It will also regenerate the battery durability inside the bank, from bottom-right to top-left, at a rate of 6points/Second. So for example, if:

Battery Quality = 600

Durability = 6000

Then, Time to Recharge 1 Battery = 16 mins & 40 secs

Time to Recharge Battery Bank = 100 minutes.

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