Item ID:640
Sell Price:5
Max Stack:10


Beakers have a few different uses in 7 Days to Die, mainly used to make a chemistry station but you will need to put into a campfire to make antibiotics and grain alcohol until then.

  • Chemistry Station – 1x Beaker, 100x Forged Iron, 3x Cooking Pot, 30x Short Iron Pipe, x5 Bottle Of Acid

These recipes require a Beaker to be inserted inside of a Campfire to Craft

  • Antibiotics – 4x Moldy Bread, 3x Nitrate Powder, 1x Bottled Water
  • Grain Alcohol – 1x Bottled Water, 3x Corn Meal

Where Can I Find a Beaker?

The best place to search for Beakers is inside Pop n Pills or inside destroyed chemistry stations. It can also be found in Supply crates, Garages, medicine cabinets etc. A Beaker can NOT be crafted, it is only lootable and can be smelted down into glass inside a Forge which can be used for casting various items such as glass jar and glass pane. A Beaker can be used with a cooking pot and grill as cookware on a Campfire.


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