7 Days To Die Minibike


Item ID:Misc
Sell Price:No Sale Price
Max Stack:1

7 Days To Die Bicycle

The bicycle is likely the first vehicle you will make in 7 Days to Die. The great thing about this vehicle is that it doesn’t require gas to run, just good ole’ stamina. It’s a great early game vehicle, even with the limited storage slots.

7 Days To Die Bicycle: Speed and Storage

The bicycle in 7 Days to Die only has 9 storage slots but is still a great vehicle to take out looting with you early game when you can’t make any of the other vehicles.

While looking at the bicylce, if you hold down E, it opens a radial menu that can be used to open the storage, repair, pick it up or lock it. If you’re playing on a multiplayer server, ALWAYS remember to pick up your vehicles or lock them so nobody can take them. Vehicles can NOT be picked up when there are items inside, but can still be locked. The bicycle has a speed of 5 blocks/s and 10 blocks/s while holding down shift, which consumes more stamina.

HOW TO MAKE A bicycle?

A bicycle can be made in your inventory or at a workbench 




2x Wheels, 1x Bicycle Chassis, 1x Bicycle Handlebars, 1x Mechanical parts

Controls:Control Description:
WMove forward
SBrake; reverse
SpaceQuick brake
CDescend; pitch nose down
EEnter or exit vehicle (be careful while in the air)
XHonk horn
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