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If you’ve been exploring around the 7 Days To Die world for a while now, then you’ve probably noticed how the whole scenery completely changes. That is because the 7D2D is pretty vast. So much so that you can differentiate one region from the other just by the environment. These regions are known as Biomes in 7D2D. 

Each Biome has its own unique characteristics identified by its climate, resources most commonly available and specific zombie types. In Total there are about 5 Biomes in 7D2D with each having its own unique characteristics. You can also notice this on the map, with each biome looking different based on terrain and weather conditions.

Apart from the characteristics we mentioned above, you will also notice that each biome has certain Point Of Interest Buildings that are unique to it. Sometimes you will find many of these PI grouped together in one place. This occurrence is similar to what you will notice in City areas which has multiple POI’s grouped together in some places.

The 5 Types Of Biomes In 7D2D

Since the release of Alpha 17, you will find that both the Random World Generation and Navesgane map in the 7D2D has 5 Biomes as mentioned below.

  1. Desert Biome
  2. Wasteland
  3. Forest Biome
  4. Snowy Forest Biome
  5. Burnt Forest

The 7D2D Nuclear Fallout Zone 

Nuclear Fallout Zones can be found at the Boundary of your map just outside the playable zone. This is a dangerous zone and will kill any player that gets exposed to this zone for too long. Also, since A17, radiation zones are considered different from the Biomes. Unlike Biomes, the radiation zones are not visible on the map.

You will most likely find objects in each of the Biome which contains various resources. You can obtain these resources from the object using the following methods:

  • Punch: The simplest way of getting the resource from an object is by punching and destroying the object. 
  • Stone Axe: The problem with punching is that it takes a few punches before the object is destroyed. Also, you don’t get any resources with every hit, only once the object has been destroyed. With a Stone Axe, you can probably destroy the object and get resources with one hit. Or, you will get a steady pace of resources with each hit, as in the case of cutting a tree with a Stone Axe.
  • PickUp:  Sometimes the object itself can be of use, and you can simply ‘Pickup’ the object and carry it in your inventory.
    1. Looting: Most containers can be lotted in order to get the resources stored in them.
  • Wrench:  With certain kinds of objects, a Wrench would be the best tool in order to get more resources from it.
  1. Shovel: If you’re trying to gather a Block item, then a Shovel is your best bet for being the most efficient in terms of time taken and resources collected.


Mining underground ores are one of the ways in which you can gather a large number of natural resources. Another thing that has changed since Alpha 17 is the way underground ores are indicated on the map. You will notice that certain biomes have these ores in abundance. 

You can find any of the 4 ores, namely, Nitrate Powder, Coal, Lead & Iron Ore in every Biome. These Ores are indicated by dug up gravel patches. The exception is the Snowy Forest Biome, which only has Lead & Iron Ores. Based on the gravel patch, you can determine the type of ore that will be dominant underground. You can find a comparison of the different gravel patches towards the end of this article.

7D2D Biomes In Detail

As we’ve explained so far, each of the 5 Biomes in 7D2D has an environment that is unique to it. That is why, if you want to advance through the game faster, you should consider each Biomes pros & Cons before deciding on a place to set base. This will determine, the kind of resources you can easily find, how much your performance will be affected by weather conditions and what kind of enemies you will have to face.

Note that, since Alpha 17, you also have to take into consideration the type of clothing that is most suitable for the weather conditions of the Biome you are in. For eg., bearing the freezing cold of the mountains the raging heat of the desert. Given below are the details of the Resources, Dangers and POIs found in each of the 5 Biomes.

1. Desert Biome

The Desert Biome as the name suggests is a terrain covered with Sand. This is a huge terrain located in the South-East section of Navesgane. This Biome is fully covered by sand with clay patches in between. You will also notice plenty of Saguaros plants all over this biome. These plants can be harvested to obtain Yucca.

The only living creature you are likely to encounter here are Rabbits, which can be hunted and harvested for meat and bone. As one would expect, water is in scarcity here. Also, compared to other biomes, if you start digging here, you will notice that the till the bedrock, it’s all sand! Among the natural resources, you can mine this biome to obtain Sand, Oil & Iron Ore. However, those last two resources are only available after 23 meters depth underground.


ItemDetailAction (collect)
Small Stonesrarely lying around pickup
Boulderslow scarcity stone axe
Yellow Grass Gives Plant Fiberspunch
Small bare bushes Gives woodpunch
Yucca PlantsIn abundance.
Edible. Gives 10% poisoning (but gives hydrates).

Used for crafting Yucca Juice

Aloe Vera plants

In abundance.

Used for crafting Aloe Cream


Commonly growing all around

Gives Plant Fibers and Yucca Plants when destroyed 

Stone axe
Occasional Trees Gives woodstone axe
Aged Wood

Very commonly lying around

Gives a bit of wood

stone axe
Piles of trashOccasionally availableLooting
Rare abandoned Cars Available  in various stages of disrepairpickup, wrench
Bird NestsNot common but very visible due to lack of plants and grass being smaller than in the Forestpickup
The ground made up mostly of Sand blocks

The surface layer gives Sand and a little Clay Soil.

Deeper levels give Sand and Small Stones.
Gravel patches have very good visibility on sand ground




  • Snakes occasionally present
  • Vultures are common
  • All the regular zombies are present
  • Temperatures get pretty high, causing dehydration
  • No Rain (to cool down temperature)


  • Types of tents & Desert Outposts are commonly found along with some wooden structures.

2. Wasteland Biome

This biome as the name states is wasted land. It is completely lifeless and all you will see scattered around are city ruins and the remains of a few industrial structures. As the story goes, ever since the apocalypse, the Wasteland Biome is the most popular zone where you will find the largest zombie hordes.

A word of caution, the ground block in this biome consists mainly of a Destroyed zone. That makes this terrain difficult to drive upon. Hence, you might find yourself in a lot of trouble trying to escape zombie hordes using a Bicycle, Motorcycle or Truck.. The temperature here is not extreme, so any clothing will do!


ItemDetailAction (collect)
Small StonesOccasionally lying around (hard to see due to landscape)pickup
BouldersMedium scarcitystone axe
Yellow GrassCommonly found. Gives Plant Fiberspunch
Small bare bushesGives woodpunch
Dead TreesOccasionally foundStone axe
Brick piles

In abundance.

laying all around

stone axe
Scrap Metal Piles

In abundance.

laying all around

Stone axe
Common abandoned CarsAvailable  in various stages of disrepairpickup, wrench
GroundMostly made of rubble, gives Small Stones and Sandpickaxe
RubbleA couple of layers underneath is regular dirt ground which gives Clay. Gravel patches are incredibly hard to distinguish from rubble groundShovel
Bird NestsTough to spot due to similar colours in the landscapePick Up



  • Vultures commonly found here
  • Bears are occasionally seen
  • Dogs & packs of dogs are occasionally found
  • All the common zombies are seen here along with the Ferals, feral wight & cops
  • Landmines spread all over. Also, the landscape here makes it hard to spot them.


  • Regular POIs can sometimes be seen, but it is rare.
  • Regular buildings tend to have Cupboards, Sinks, Ovens, Toilets etc. These are good for finding Cooking Grills, Cooking Pots, Faucets & Acid.

3. Forest Biome

This is a great biome to be in. It has been least affected by the apocalypse. This means that you are likely to encounter many living creatures here such as Rabbits, Pigs, Bears and Stags and comparatively fewer zombies. That means food, leather & bones! Being a forest, there of course are plenty of trees, flowers. other useful plants and water.

Another reason this is a good biome to be in is that the weather here remains relatively stable and doesn’t get too hot or cold like some of the other biomes. All in all, it’s a nice place with plenty of resources available and very few enemies. Also, the view is much better!


ItemDetailAction (collect)
Small StonesCommonly lying around (hard to see due to tall grass)pickup
BouldersMedium scarcitystone axe
Tall GrassCommonly found. Gives Plant Fiberspunch
Small tree midgetsGives woodstone axe, punch
Regular TreesOccasionally found. Gives wood & seed.Stone axe
Cotton Plant

Quite common to find patches of cotton plants.

used for Cloth Fragment crafting

ChrysanthemumQuite common to find. Used for making Red Teapunch
Goldenrod FlowerQuite common. Used for making Golden Rod Teapunch
Snowberry PlantsRare occurrence. Gives snowberries which is edible with 1% poisoning.  Can be used for crafting some food (need skill)punch
GroundMostly made of regular dirt, gives Clay soilshovel
Gravel PatchesVisible on grass. 
Bird NestsTough to spot due to tall grassPick Up
Piles Of TrashOccasionally availableLoot


  • All the common zombies are present and will appear as per your Gamestage.
  • Vultures are rare.
  • Variety of animals present including predators
  • Temperature is normal so regular clothing will do.
  • Normal levels of rainfall


  • Mostly regular POIs, but with the largest variety of lootable items.

4. Snowy Forest Biome

Unlike the forest biome mentioned above, this biome is not a very easy place to be in especially for the newbies. The temperature here is extreme. This makes survival even harder in the early stages of the game since with low player statistics and improper clothing you won’t be able to bear the freezing cold.

And that’s just the start of your troubles here. The Snowy Forest is also home to one of the toughest zombies, the Frozen Lumberjack. The good thing about that is this is also the home to the lumberjack and if you can loot it successfully you can get your hands on some rare items.

Another problem the extreme weather here causes is low visibility due to all the snow and fog. This is often troublesome as you get jumped upon by the lumberjack, puma or bear that are roaming all over this biome.

If you’re in the Snowy Forest Biome you should also check out the different POI found here like Army Camps & Sawmills.


ItemDetailAction (collect)
Small StonesCommonly lying around (easy  to see due to small grass)pickup
BouldersMedium scarcitystone axe
GrassOccasionally found. Gives Plant Fiberspunch
Small Bare BushGives woodstone axe, punch
SpruceTreesGives wood.Stone axe
Snowberry PlantsGives snowberriespunch
Blueberry BushesGives blueberries. Easy to spot. Also used to make other food recipes.punch
GroundMostly made of snow block, gives snow. Under this is regular dirt which gives clay.shovel
Gravel PatchesVisible on snow. 
Bird NestsVisible on snow.Pick Up
Piles Of TrashOccasionally available, very visible.Loot


  • Frozen Lumberjacks Which is a powerful zombie that is fast and with high HP
  • Wolfs and packs of wolves can sometimes be encountered here
  • Extremely low temperatures
  • Rainfall turns to snow


  • Different types of winter lodges. There are also POIs especially for the cold climate which contains a variety of loot inside

5. Burnt Forest Biome

This biome is indeed a very sad place to live in! There’s nothing here but burnt, or burning stuff! Heck, that’s why the Burnt Forest is also called the “Dead Forest”. As one would expect, there are no living creatures around here.

As the story goes for this one, once upon a time, this too was a beautiful thriving forest. It had plenty of creatures running around and lots of trees. That was, of course, before the third world war began and humanity got infected by the virus.

After that, well it was like a house of cards coming down. All hell broke loose and somewhere in the chaos, a wildfire burnt down the entire forest and every creature in it. And that’s why now you see the Burnt Victim Zombies stumbling around.

Now, all you see other than the burnt trees and ground are the ruins left of buildings from the past. However, it’s not a waste of time to be here, since there has been a few POIs introduced here since Alpha 13. You can even harvest this place for wood and coal. Even the burning ember on the ground can be harvested for those items.

Also, despite the depressing scenery, it is not really a very dangerous place to be in. Since mostly everything has been burnt down, the visibility is pretty decent. This makes it easier to spot enemies and any small animals that happen to spawn here. Zombies are also very few in number with most of them being burnt victim zombies. It’s quite easy to spot them with all the crackling sounds they make while stepping over burnt wood.


ItemDetailAction (collect)
Small StonesCommonly lying aroundpickup
BouldersMedium scarcitystone axe
Yellow GrassGives Plant Fiberspunch
Small tree midgetsGives woodstone axe, punch
Burnt piles of woodGives little wood and sometimes coalStone axe
Burnt treesGives little coal and some woodStone axe
GroundMostly made of burnt dirt. Gives Clay.shovel
Gravel PatchesLook the same as burnt ground 
Bird NestsEasily Visible.Pick Up
Piles Of TrashOccasionally available, very visible.Loot


  • Burn Victim zombie. These are slow but can set you on fire if they manage to catch you.
  • Occasionally you will come across regular zombies
  • Different animals roam about here. Bears are most common among the animals here.
  • Vultures are common
  • The burning ember on the ground can also burn you
  • Temperatures are normal, so regular clothing will do.
  • Normal Rainfall


  • Burnt and Partially collapsed buildings are easy to enter but may not have much loot inside.
  • The burnt-out corners in many buildings will have Toilets, sinks, cupboards and ovens. These are good places to find Acid, Cooking Grills, Cooking Pots etc

The Map In Different Biomes

Navezgane A16 and A17 Maps

Navezgane A16 by Curbolt

Navezgane A17 by Curbolt


Navezgane_A17 by Curbolt


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