Item ID:scrapBrass
Sell Price:2 Duke Coins
Max Stack:6,000

7 Days To Die Brass

In 7 days to die, Brass is the only resource you use in the forge that you can’t mine. Hence the only way you can acquire it is via looting and finding objects that are made of brass. Later, you can smelt or scrap them into brass. However, scrapping is not at efficient as smelting in a forge.  If you scrap instead of smelting you will lose 25% of the brass you would receive when smelting.

7 Days To Die, Brass: What is it used for?

You will mainly use brass to make bullet casings.  However, you can use brass to make decorative items to pimp out your home.

Best Place To Find Brass in 7 Days To Die

Looting anything and everything is your best place to find brass. You will find it in drawers, trash bags, kitchen cupboards, etc.  There isn’t really a place you wouldn’t find it. Another way you can harvest it by breaking down cars to get a radiator.  Also, there is a book you can read that allows you to break down normal POI wooden doors and get a brass knob handle from each door you break.

Brass Sources

Here is some detailed information on the items in-game that can be smelted into brass. How much brass they give when smelted and how long it takes for them to smelt. 

  • Brass Lights can be harvested with a wrench, ratchet, or Impact Driver
  • Brass Valves can be harvested with a wrench, ratchet, or Impact Driver

Smeltable Brass items:

  • Brass Trophy – 50 Brass – 14 Seconds
  • Brass Candlestick – 150 Brass – 40 Seconds
  • Brass Doorknob – 50 Brass – 14 Seconds
  • Radiator – 250 Brass – 67 seconds
  • Duke’s Casino Tokens – 2 Brass – 1 second

Smelting Brass Candlesticks are the most fuel-efficient, giving 3.75 Brass per second

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