Cement Mixer

Item ID: 
Hit Points:800
Repairing:Forged Iron, Mechanical Parts, Spring

7 Days To Die Cement Mixer


This workstation is quite a useful tool especially after you’ve survived past the early stage of the game. Here you can mix, not just materials required for making Concrete mix, but Stones, Gravel, Crushed and normal Sand as well. And if you’re lucky, you might find one in working condition at one of the Traders locations in the 7D2D world.

Uses Of Cement Mixer

As you can see from above, this item can help you produce materials required to build strong and sturdy building structures. For example, you can use it to help you craft concrete blocks. This can then be upgraded to reinforced concrete block which is one of the strongest building blocks that you can use. You can also upgrade Rebar Frames in 2 stages to become reinforced concrete blocks.

Crafting A Mixer

Required Items

The following tables list the materials required in order to craft this workstation




Schematics & Perks

7 Days to Die Forged Iron

25* Forged Iron


Schematic or Advanced Engineering Level 2

7 Days To Die Mechanical Parts

10* Mechanical Parts



1* Engine




Recipes Using Mixer

The table below shows the various recipes that can be prepared using a Cement Mixer.

 ItemRequired MaterialsWorkstationTimeBookSkill
 AsphaltCrushed Sand *8, Small Stone *17, Oil Shale *5Cement Mixer8.5
 Concrete MixCrushed Sand *1, Small Stone *1, Cement *1Cement Mixer0.5
 Crushed SandSmall Stone *1Cement Mixer0.5
 GravelSmall Stone *10, Crushed Sand *10Cement Mixer5
 SandCrushed Sand *12Cement Mixer0
 StoneCrushed Sand *10, Small Stone *18, Cement *4Cement Mixer9


Heat Map

Compared to the Campfire or a Forge, this workstation has some effect on the heatmap, although very small.


  • Mixers don’t have different quality levels.
  • You cannot repair a destroyed mixer. Although, you can still loot or harvest it.
  • The mixer, once placed cannot be moved again.
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