Charred Meat

Type:Cooked Food
Characteristic Properties
Max Stack10
ObtainCooking Looting Trading

7 Days To Die Charred Meat


Very soon in the game, you realise just how important food is in order to sustain in this game. And pretty soon, just eating the basic fruits etc just won’t be enough. At such times getting your hands on some meat can be quite helpful. Cooking raw meat will enable you to get more nutritional value from it. And one of the easiest recipes to cook with meat and very few tools is Charred Meat.

Charred meat is a food item that you can cook if you have Raw Meat, a Campfire and some wood. That’s all you need to cook this food item and improve your stats for Health, Stamina & Fullness. The only drawback is that it has a slightly negative effect on your hydration. The table below gives you the various consumption effect this food item has on your player stats.

Charred Meat Consumption Effects

Effect on Fullness+10
Effect on Hydration-5
Effect on max Stamina+10
Effect on Health+5
Dysentery Chance (%)0

Cooking Charred Meat

The following items are required in order to cook this food item


5* Raw Meat

At a




00′ 15″

Note that this food item is used mainly during the early stages of the game. That is because you can cook much more nutritious items using meat such as Grilled. However, for that, you need additional tools such as Cooking Grill or Cooking Pot.

Comparison Between Charred Meat & Other Meat Types

  • WIth Raw meat in hand, you have three options – Charred Meat, Boiled Meat & Grilled Meat. Each has its own pros and cons based on how they affect the player stats.
  • Compared to the other two items, Charred meat is the easiest to cook since it requires the least amount of items/tools. All you need is your meat, fire and some wood to make that fire.
  • If you spot a Charcoal grill in any of the houses you are scavenging, there is a good chance of obtaining Charred meat from it.
  • On the other hand, this meat reduces your hydration levels. During the early stage, you will also be constantly looking for water to stay hydrated, and charred meat can sometimes be a problem in such cases.
  • This negative effect on hydration can also be helpful in clearing up your inventory a bit, since you will also need to drink some water soon after eating this meat.
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