Hold a Cigar to look badass and get better deals from Traders. Also, get a strength boost!

Item ID: 
Sell Price: 
Max Stack:1000
Crafting Cost1 Stone 
1 Clay
 Consumption Effect

+1 Strength

10% Bartering 

Combustible Yes
 Burn-Time 0:03


7 Days To Die Cigar


Here’s an item of clothing that serves a different purpose compared to other clothing or armour that you might wear. The cigar while giving you a little strength boost, more importantly, gets you better deals from Traders in 7 Days To Die. You can get a Cigar by either finding it in a loot, buying it off a Trader or simply crafting it.

Cigar: Usage

As mentioned above, unlike other items of clothing, a Cigar does not offer you any protection. However, it does give you an additional 10% in Bartering and +1 Strength bonus. It also makes you look pretty cool!

Crafting A Cigar In 7 Days To Die

250* Plant Fibers

after learning from

Urban Combat Vol.2

1* Paper
1* Testosterone Extract

Note: You can get Testosterone Extract by killing and harvesting a bear in 7 Days To Die.

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