Clay Soil

Item ID:claysoil
Sell Price:2 Duke Coins
Max Stack:6,000

7 Days To Die Clay Soil

Clay is a resource that can be mined with an auger in the forest biome or dug up using a shovel in the forest biome. It can NOT be crafted but Clay is an ingredient in many crafting recipes. It is a key resource for forging and farming.

7 Days To Die Clay: Best Places To Find it.

Clay can mostly be found in the first couple layers of the forest biome before you hit Small Stone. You can also get single clay soil from surface sand blocks.

What is Clay used for?


Clay is used in a number of different crafting recipes, it can be smelted down in a Forge and is used to make Forged Steel and Forged Iron, among other things.


  • Forged Steel – 30x Iron, 15x Clay (Made in Forge, requires a Crucible)
  • Forged Iron – 12x Iron, 6x Clay (Made in Forge)
  • Cobblestone Rocks – 1x Small Stone, 1x Clay
  • Farm Plot – 4x Wood, 10x Rotting Flesh, 25x Nitrate 100x Clay
  • Forge – 50x Small Stone, 60x Clay, 10x Leather, 3x Duct Tape, 3x Short Iron Pipe
  • Crucible – 100x Forged Iron, 20x Mechanical Parts, 1200x Small Stone, 20x Oil 900x Clay
  • Mushroom Spore Seed – 5x Mushrooms, 2x Clay
  • Forest Ground – 16x Clay Soil
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