7 Days To Die Coal


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2 Duke Coins


The 7 Days To Die Coal is a multi-purpose resource that is easy to obtain. You can mine it using any pickaxe or an auger. However, you can NOT craft coal. Finding coal in various containers while looting or from dropped zombie loot bags is possible. Coal is the leading resource used in making gunpowder.

Best Place To Find Coal in 7 Days To Die

To find Coal in 7 Days To Die is not so difficult. You can loot it in various places but in tiny quantities. The best way to find Coal in 7 Days To Die is to mine it. But the maps are so big, how can you find them? You may have seen different colour nodes/boulders dotted over the map. The Coal nodes look like a black chalky coloured rock with that colour spilling into the biome under it. Check the image below.

7 Days To Die Coal Nodes

Using a mining tool like the Auger or Pickaxe is the most efficient way to mine coal. Don’t stop there once you have destroyed the coal node/bolder. There will be plenty more coal under the node. Keep mining down to uncover more coal veins. 

7 Days To Die Coal Nodes

7 Days To Die Coal On The Map

If you check your map, all the resource nodes are seeable on the map. In the image below, you can see solid black squares, which show 7 Days To Die Coal nodes in this location. All nodes have various colours that can be identified on the map.

7 Days To Die Coal On The Map

What is Coal used for in 7 Days To Die?

  • GunPowder – 1x Coal, 1x Nitrate -Made in Chemistry Station
  • Gunpowder – 2x Coal, 2x Nitrate – Made in Crafting Menu
  • Water Purifier – 5x Forged Steel, 10x Scrap Polymers, 2x Duct Tape, 30x Coal, 1x Sewing Kit
  • Wheel – 16x Scrap Polymers, 1x Bottle of Acid, 2x Forged Iron, 2x Oil, 10x Coal

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