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In 7 days to die, Coal is a multi-purpose resource that is easy to obtain. You can mine it, using any pickaxe or an auger. However, you can NOT craft coal.  It is possible to find coal in various containers while looting or from dropped zombie loot bags.  Coal is the main resource used in making gun powder.


Item ID:
Sell Price:
Max Stack:
2 Duke Coins

Best Place To Find Coal in 7 Days To Die

Nitrate Boulders are mostly found more abundant in the Forest Biome but can be found in any of the Biomes as well; Snow, Desert, Forest, Burnt. It can also be looted from any loot container but most of the time it can be found in Chemistry Stations. In the case of containers, coal can be found mostly in ovens.

What is Coal used for?

  • Gun Powder – 1x Coal, 1x Nitrate -Made in Chemistry Station
  • Gunpowder – 2x Coal, 2x Nitrate – Made in Crafting Menu
  • Water Purifier – 5x Forged Steel, 10x Scrap Polymers, 2x Duct Tape, 30x Coal, 1x Sewing Kit
  • Wheel – 16x Scrap Polymers, 1x Bottle of Acid, 2x Forged Iron, 2x Oil, 10x Coal

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