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Item ID: 
Sell Price: 
Max Stack:1000
Crafting Cost1 Stone 
1 Clay

7 Days To Die Cobblestone


The cobblestone rocks are a very useful intermediate resource to have since they can be used to craft and upgrade different items. It is pretty easy to craft, especially early-stage since you need only stone and clay. Additionally, you can also find it by harvesting the blue wrapped packages containing palettes of cobblestone rocks. Using a shovel is the most efficient way to harvest these blue bags. You can, also, always buy cobblestone from Traders.

Crafting Cobblestone

Crafting this resource pretty simple since all the required materials are readily available in the 7 Days To Die world.

Required Items

Stone1* Small Stone
Clay1* Clay Soil


This is a very useful resource that is also quite easy to obtain, which is important, especially during the early-game stage. Here’s the list of items you can craft using Cobblestones.

 ItemRequired Materials
 CabinetCabinet Top *1, Cobblestone Rocks *5
 Cobblestone BlocksFlagstone Blocks *1, Cobblestone Rocks *10
 Cobblestone StairsCobblestone Frame Stairs *1, Cobblestone Rocks *10
 Flagstone BlocksCobblestone Rocks *4


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