Compound Crossbow

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7 Days To Die Compound Crossbow


Do you like using the Iron Crossbow? Then you will love the Compound Crossbow which is a much more powerful weapon to take down zombies from a distance. You can get a Compound Crossbow by looting, buying from a trader or craft one on a workbench.

Combat Using Compound Crossbow

The most effective way to use the Compound Crossbow in combat is to take down zombies and animals from a distance. This powerful range weapon can take down big zombies with a  clean headshot. This crossbow uses stone, iron and steel crossbow bolts as ammo. 

You can choose the ammo to use by long-pressing ‘R’. However, remember that the crossbow is a slow firing weapon that reloads after every shot. That’s one reason you should be careful when using the crossbow against multiple enemies in close range.

Weapon PropertiesCharacteristic PropertiesScrapping/Forging Properties
Entity Damage

32 38 45

38 125

Durability (Min Quality)120ScrapableYes
Block Damage

1 6 6

6 2

Durability (Max Quality)250Scraps IntoCrossbow / Bow Parts
Effective Range25Degradation per Use1MeltableNo
Rounds per Minute75Compatible ModsCrossbow, Side, Small Top, Medium TopCombustibleyes
Reload Time3.4sRepaired UsingRepair Kit  
Ammo Type

Stone Crossbow Bolt

Iron Crossbow Bolt

Steel Crossbow Bolt

Flaming Crossbow Bolt

Exploding Crossbow Bolt

Base Price>1000  
Magazine Size1Max Stack1  
Damage Multiplier: Earth0    
Damage Multiplier: Metal0    
Damage Multiplier: Wood0.1    
Butcher ToolNo    
Disassemble ToolNo    



The following items are required to craft this range weapon in 7 Days 2 Die:






5* Bow & Crossbow Parts


Compound Crossbow Schematic 

7 Days to Die Forged Iron

15* Forged Steel


3* Duct Tape


3* Leather


20* Scrap Polymer




The recipe shown above lets you craft a Compound Crossbow of quality level 1. As you increase your Archery Perk you will be able to craft a Compound Crossbow of higher quality. The amount of materials required to craft a Compound Crossbow increases as the quality level goes up. The below gives you details of the number of materials required to craft a Compound Crossbow of different quality.

Required Materials


Quality 1

Quality 2Quality 3Quality 4

Quality 5

Bow / Crossbow Parts57101215
Forged Steel
Forged Steel
Duct Tape34679
Scrap Polymer2030405060

Compound Crossbow Repair

As this weapon degrades over time with use, it will eventually require repair. A Repair Kit can be used to fix a Compound Crossbow. Based on the quality level of the bow the durability increases accordingly.

Compound Crossbow Mods

ImageNameAffected PartDescription
 Cripple Em ModCripplingAdds a chance to cripple a leg on a bipedal target.
 Structural Brace ModDurabilityModerately decreases degradation rate.
 Reflex Sight ModScopeMinor visual magnification but designed for fast target acquisition.
 Weapon Flashlight ModSideA portable light source.
 Laser Sight ModSideHelps with aiming quickly and increases accuracy when firing from the hip.
 The Hunter ModSpecial DamageIncreases damage to living beings.
 Rad Remover ModSpecial DamageTemporarily disables the regeneration ability of radiated zombies.
 Polymer String ModVelocityArrows and bolts fly faster.


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