Concrete Mix

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7 Days To Die Concrete Mix


This is a very valuable resource to help build strong structures in the 7 Days To Die world. It can help you make concrete blocks and also re-inforced concrete blocks. Since Alpha 15 (b94),  upgrading the Rebar frames to the second stage will get you reinforced concrete blocks. Another way to obtain it is by upgrading a regular concrete block.

This resource is relatively cheap to obtain, although you do need a cement mixer in order to craft it. The reinforced concrete blocks can prevent zombies from breaking your structure down easily. This is especially useful when facing a horde and on the blood moon nights. That is why it is a good idea to craft plenty of concrete mixes and build strong structures.

Uses Of Concrete Mix:

As we mentioned above, this resource is extremely useful in building strong structures. You can use it to craft concrete blocks, or upgrade those blocks to make reinforced concrete blocks. Upgrade rebar frames to reinforced concrete blocks and also repair any reinforced concrete blocks that have been damaged.


The following items are required in order to craft this resource:





1* Crushed Sand

Cement Mixer


1* Small Ston




This resource is a handy resource to have in order to make strong building structures. Mentioned below are the different building materials that you can make using this item.

 ItemRequired Materials
 Concrete BlocksConcrete Mix *10, Wet Concrete Blocks *1
 Concrete Stairs

Concrete *10

Cobblestone Stairs *1, Concrete *10

Reinforced Scrap Iron Stairs *1, Concrete *10

Brick Stairs *1, Concrete *10

Flagstone Stairs *1, Concrete *10

 Glass Block

Upgrade Path:

Wood *10, Wood *10, Wood *10, Wood *10, Iron *10, Iron *20, Iron *40, Concrete*10

 Industrial Glass 2 Centered

Upgrade Path:

Wood *10, Wood *10, Wood *10, Wood *10, Iron *10, Iron *20, Iron *40, Concrete*10

 Industrial Glass Centered

Upgrade Path:

Wood *10, Wood *10, Wood *10, Wood *10, Iron *10, Iron *20, Iron *40, Concrete*10

 Poured Reinforced Concrete Blocks

Concrete Blocks *1, Concrete Mix *10

Rebar Frames *1, Concrete Mix *20

 Wet Concrete Blocks

Concrete Mix *10

Brick Blocks *1, Concrete Mix *10

Cobblestone Blocks *1, Concrete Mix *10

Reinforced Scrap Iron Blocks *1, Concrete Mix *10


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