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Here is a list of the console commands you can use in 7 Days To Die. If you are a single player, you can use all these commands as you will have admin privileges in your single-player game. However, if you are on a dedicated server, these commands will not work unless you have given yourself Admin privileges on the admin.xml file. Also, some of these commands will not work on an online dedicated server.

Main 7 Days To Die Server Commands

To start with, you will need to access the console. To do that, whilst you are in-game, press F1 and the console will drop down from the top of your screen. A lot of the commands also might not work until you are in Debug or Creative Mode, so that might as well be your first commands:

Creative Menu
Debug Mode
Spectator Mode
List Players
This command will enable you to access the creative menu, where you can spawn anything in the game straight into your inventory. Once you entire this command, press the “U” key to open up the creative menu.
This is the main command to turn on a lot of the admin privileges. Once this is enabled, you will notice an extra menu on the right hand side when you press the “Esc” key. This will also allow you to access God Mode by pressing “Q” and pressing “H” will toggle Fly Mode on and off.
Spectator mode is a useful one if you wish to fly around and be totally invisible. Players nor Zombies can not see or hear you. However, vultures and other flying zombies can and will attack you. A bug is yet to be fixed.
First of all, you will want to find out a players entity ID or Steam ID. The reason why is sometimes the commands will not work by using the player’s name. If they have a space in their name or a foreign character in their name that you don’t have on your keyboard, there will be no way to target them. So that’s why I always use a players Entity ID. It’s usually only 3 to 6 numbers long.
Short Cut

7 Days To Die Admin Commands

These are important admin commands for 7 days to die servers. If you have opened up your single-player for others to play on and join, or you have your own online dedicated server, then these console commands will be important for you to learn by heart. The one downside to 7 Days To Die is that it’s very easy to create hacks, and ever since A19, there has been a huge increase in hacker programs released that gives players access to the creative menu, god mode and a multitude of other features. You and your team will need to know how to ban/kick players very quickly.

Admin Add [entity ID] [permission level]
Admin Remove [entity ID]
Ban Add [entity id] [duration] [unit]
Ban Remove [entity ID]
Kick [entity ID]
Kickall [kick message]
Whitelist add [entity ID]
Whitelist remove [entity ID]
To add someone you trust as an admin to your game/server first, find out their entity ID and then type in the console Admin Add [entity ID] [permission level]. Permission level is a number between 0 and 1,000. Level 0 is the highest level an admin can get. This will allow them to add other admin, access debug mode, creative menu etc. Permission 1 will be like a moderators level, not giving them a creative menu but will let them kick/ban other players. Type in “cp list” to find out what commands each permission level can do.
Use this command to remove someone as an Admin
Is someone being annoying on your server? You can quickly type this command to remove them from your server permanently. First, find their entity ID with the “LP” command and then type Ban Add entity ID, Duration, which can be minutes, hours, days, weeks or years and then how many.
Want to unban a player from your server, then type the ban remove command. If you can’t remember the entity ID, you can use their Steam ID or characters’ names. If that fails, the ban will be at the bottom of the admin.xml file. Go into that file and delete that ban line.
This command will kick the player from your game or server. However, they will be able to rejoin straight away.
This will obviously kick all players on the server. The message part is optional. So you don’t need to add that. But it might be useful.
The whitelist is a feature that is enabled the moment you add someone to the whitelist. It will stop anyone connecting that isn’t on the whitelist. It’s an alternative to password protecting your server.
This will remove a player from the whitelist, if no one is on the whitelist then the whitelist feature will automatically be disabled.
Admin Add 131 0
Admin Remove 131
Ban Add 131 years 10
Ban Remove 131
Kick 131
Kickall because I can
whitelist add 131
whitelist remove 131

7 Days To Die Teleport Command

These teleport commands in 7 Days To Die are a lifesaver. Not only can you easily teleport around the map, but you can also teleport players. Here are some quick Teleport tips that you can use without commands. Firstly, when you are in Debug Mode, you can open up the Map by pressing “M”. Hold down “Ctrl” and right-click anywhere on the map, and you will be instantly teleported there. The other cool Teleport shortcut for 7 Days To Die whilst in Debug Mode is to hold “Left Shift” and press “Q” it will teleport you to wherever your cursor is pointing. You can hold “Left Shift” and spam the “Q” button to move across the map quickly.

Now for the usual 7 Days To Die Teleport Commands:

Teleport [entity ID]
TeleportPlayer [Entity ID] [Entity ID]
TeleportPlayer [entity ID] [coordinates]
This teleport command will teleport you to that person. You can use their Steam ID or their Name, but as I said before, the character name can be temperamental. You can also use “TP” as a shortcut.
With this teleport command, you can move a player to another player
You can teleport a player to specific coordinates in 7 Days To Die. However, learning the coordinates is a little tricky. If the location is West of South in it, the numbers will be negative. If they are East or North the numbers will be normal and the number in the middle is elevation, but that’s optional. If you don’t put an elevation number, you will just teleport to the highest solid block.
Short Cut
TP 131
TeleportPlayer 131 -472 3251

7 Days To Die XP Commands

So you want to cheat, huh? No, just kidding. The 7 Days To Die XP command is commonly used, as player profiles can be corrupted and fix them. You would need to reset your character. There are 2 main XP commands: giving XP to yourself and giving XP to another player. Just remember, giving yourself XP raises your Game Stage. So, you will be facing tougher and stronger zombies. But if you haven’t looted/crafted decent armour, guns or ammo, you might have a tougher time surviving.

Givexp [entity ID] [xp amount]
Giveselfxp [xp amount]
This command will give the XP to the player. First, find the Entity ID by pressing F1 and typing in “LP”. Then you can give that particular player XP followed by the amount of XP you want to give them.
This one gives you the XP. It’s hard to calculate how much XP will give you what level. But the higher the level, the more XP needed to get to the next level.
Short Cut
givexp 131 9999999
giveselfxp 99999

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