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If you’re an advanced gamer and don’t mind messing around with some core game features, then the Debug Mode will be of interest to you. The Debug Mode (or menu) provides you with an advanced interface option and keyboard commands. You can easily identify the Debug menu as the one that shows up on the Right side when you hit the ESC key. 

However, note that the debug menu itself is made up of several smaller menus. Also, remember that these are advanced game settings that can permanently affect your 7D2D world. So better proceed with caution!

Starting The Debug Mode

Step 1: Press F1 to open Command Console.

Step 2: Type ‘dm’ and press Enter

This process will start the Debug more. Note that, this process will also enable Creative Menu and its different functions.

Debug Mode: Keyboard Controls

  • F3: Displays world or player stats on the HUD that also shows current biome, entities, player information etc.
  • F5: Toggles between 1st person & 3rd person. You can also do this by entering the “switchview” or “sv” command in the console. Note that, this option does not work properly if the player is in Flight Mode (H) or God mode (G).
  • F6: This brings up the Entity Menu that shows a list of all the spawnable entities (traders, zombies etc.). Caution: Some game entities cannot be killed (for eg. TraderTest). Also, the Spaned entity items will stay on your map permanently.
  • F8: Pressing this key twice will give you more information other than FPS details. You can find out details such as surrounding Heatmap strength, player core temperature, and wellness.
  • Q: This enables the God Mode. In God Mode, the Player will take no damage, can fly around, and can even clip through walls.
  • SHIFT+Q: This command Teleports the player to the cursor location. Note that you will incur Fall damage unless you have enabled God Mode.
  • K: There is not much information available on this option. The “DynamicPrefabs” option and the “Prefab Menu” are quite the same. It allows you to spawn different prefabs in-game. However, this works only if the menu’s functionality has been “unlocked” using a third-party tool  For more info check – https://7daystodie.com/forums/showthread.php?47459-Unlocking-In-Game-Prefab-Editor-(Terrain-Tools)-dll-mod). This also unlocks usage of the Z, J, and L keys to define selections.

P: This option will Detach the camera. What this means is that the camera will stop moving along with the player. If you use this option after pressing F5 (3rd person), then you can see your character running about in front of you. In order to gain back control of the camera, press ‘[‘

Improving Your Crafting Skills

Most of the advanced items in the 7D2D world will require some perk in order for you to craft it. Some perks, books, and other items as mentioned below can also help you craft items faster and more efficiently.

  • Wearing Nerdy Glasses will bring down your crafting time for all recipes by 10%. This effect stacks up and adds to effects from other perks.
  • The Advanced Engineering Perks will reduce the amount of resources required for crafting several items. It also increases the crafting speed for recipes used in the  Workbench, Forges and Cement Mixer.
  • The Living of the Land Perk brings down crafting costs for Farm Plots.
  • Master Chef Perk makes the main ingredient used in different food recipes cheaper.
  • The Physician perk will enable you to craft items faster using the Chemistry Station
  • The Grease Monkey perk makes it cheaper to craft Vehicle parts. It also unlocks the recipe for crafting a Gas Can bundle.
  • The recipe for Gun Powder Bundle can be unlocked with the Demolition Expert perk.
  • If you complete the Great Heist Series, you will unlock the recipe to craft a bundle of lockpicks.
  • If you want to craft 100 ammunitions in a bundle, then you need to read all the series of 7 Perk Books of Ranger’s Guide To Archer, Shotgun Messiah, Magnum Enforcer, Sniper, Pistol Pete and Tech Junkie. Doing this will also reduce the cost of crafting the bundle by 20%. Crafting bundles of Iron Arrows, Stone Crossbow Bolts and Stone Arrows are slower than crafting individual ammunitions for the same. However, the crafting of bundles of other ammunition types is faster.

Items You Can Craft In 7D2D

Below mentioned are the different categories of items that you can craft in the 7 Days To Die world:

  • Building Materials
  • Resources
  • Furniture
  • Food
  • Clothing
  • Tools & Traps
  • Weapons
  • Ammo
  • Medicines

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