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If two electric posts are Live and connected by wire to each other, then any living thing that comes in contact with the wire will get an electric shock. This includes zombies, animals, and players, including the player who set up the Electric Fence Post. The Land Claim Block won’t save you in this case.

The electric Post can be a maximum of 14 blocks away from each other in order to be connected. This distance does not include the blocks the posts are placed on.

7 Days To Die Electric Fence Post

Electric Fence Post

Hit Points:
Horizontal Support
Light Opacity:
Obtain Through:
Electric Trap
Looting, Crafting, Trading

Effects Of Electric Fence Post

As mentioned above, any living being that gets caught between the live wire of two Electric Fence Posts will be shocked and get the “Shocked” status effect. This effect inflicts health damage at the rate of 3 points per 0.5 secs for 4.5 sec. In the case of Zombies, they get slowed to 0.1 for 3.2 secs. Players too get slowed down upon electrocution, but not as much as the zombies. Note that, although immobilized, the zombies will still attack blocks and players within their range even when shocked!

Once the initial Shocked effect status wears off, the Zombies become immune to electric shocks for the next 1.5 secs. However, this is not true in the case of players, and they will continue receiving the electric shock unless they move away or the fence stops working!

When under use, the Electric Fence Post also suffers durability damage. In the case of Zombies getting shocked, the fence post takes 1 point Durability Damage. On the other hand, if it is a player, then the fence post continues to receive Damage till the player moves away from the live wire.

The Fence-post stops working once its durability drops below 50 points. After this, the player or zombie touching the live wires, no longer receive the Shocked Effect status. Instead, you can hear short-circuit sound when walking between damaged Electric posts.

Crafting An Electric Fence Post

The following items are required in order to craft this item


7* Forged Iron
3* Electrical Parts
Scematic / Perk
Schematic / Advanced Engineering Level 3
Schematic / Advanced Engineering Level 3


Weapons Properties
Entity Damage
Block Damage
Weapons Properties
Electrical Parts, Forged Iron
Scrapping/Forging Properties
Scraps Into
Melts Into
Scrapping/Forging Properties

Repairing An Electric Fence Post

In order to repair an Electric Fence Post, you need Forged Iron and Electrical parts.


  • There is a small glitch or bug in the game that can sometimes cause the electric fence post to not work. One scenario is when the ground between the two posts is uneven. This can sometimes cause the connected wire to be to low on the ground or too high. In such cases, the zombies and other beings walking in-between, sometimes, don’t get shocked!
  • Similarly, sometimes the wire gets connected to the post bottom, instead of the Top. This can cause the wire to be underground, thereby not touching and electrocuting anything that goes through such posts. Due to this bug, it’s a good idea to keep a watch on your Electric fence wirings, especially before horde nights!

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