Exploding Crossbow Bolts

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7 Days To Die Exploding Crossbow Bolts


If you like taking down enemies from a distance with the crossbow, then you will absolutely love using the Exploding Crossbow Bolt as ammo. This ammo explodes in contact with the target and causes damage to everything around it within its range. The target that got hit with the arrow takes additional damage from getting struck. 

The exploding crossbow bolt causes damage to everything including zombies, animals and blocks. You can get the Exploding Crossbow Bolt through looting, buying from traders or by crafting it on a workbench.

Unlocking Exploding Crossbow Bolts

Although you can craft the Exploding Crossbow Bolt at a workbench, you need to read the Exploding Crossbow Bolt Schematic or by reading the Ranger’s Guide to Archery: Vol. 2  in order to unlock the crafting ability. The only way to get this Schematic is through looting.

Weapon PropertiesCharacteristic PropertiesScrapping/Forging Properties
Entity Damage6.1Durability (Min Quality)462ScrapableYes
Power Attack Entity Damage12.2Durability (Max Quality)1154Scraps IntoIron
Block Damage5.3Degradation per Use1Meltableyes
Power Block Damage10.6Repaired UsingRepair KitMelts IntoIron
Range2Base Price>350Combustibleno
Attacks per Minute120Max Stack1  
Stamina Usage8.2    
Power Attack Stamina Usage12.3    
Damage Multiplier: Metal0.2    
Damage Multiplier: Stone0.2    
Butcher ToolYes    
Butcher Damage Multiplier1.6    
Butcher Resource Multiplier1    
Disassemble ToolNo    



Required Items:

 1* Steel Arrowhead

At a


after learning from

Ranger’s Guide to Archery: Vol. 2

 2* Scrap Polymer
 8* Gun Powder
 1* Duct Tape


In order to find out the recipe for the Exploding Crossbow Bolt, you can either hit the Tab button and search for Exploding Crossbow Bolt or select any of the items mentioned below and click on recipes. This will bring up a list of items that can be crafted, including the exploding crossbow bolt.


  • In case you are still playing a much older version of 7 Days To Die then the Exploding Crossbow Bolt may not be available since it was introduced only in Alpha 12.2.
  • The Damage inflicted will vary based on the Crossbow quality level.
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