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In 7 Days To Die, Farming is a process that gives you a sustainable supply of resources such as food and other items. The farming cycle consists of gathering the appropriate seeds, planting them in the right place under the right conditions, growing the plants and finally harvesting the grown plant for food and other resources. You can harvest using your fist, but other tools can be faster. 

Additionally, unlocking the various levels in Living Off The Land Perk can make farming much more efficient. Depending upon which levels you have unlocked, you can craft seeds from harvested plants, crops and trees. It also enables you to craft farm plots. Using the secondary action button, you can plant the seeds in the Farm plots. Depending upon which levels you have bought for the perk, you can increase your harvest yield.


Getting Started With Farming In 7 Days To Die

Farming Step 1 – Getting The Seeds & Planting Them

Harvesting a mature tree In 7D2D will get you Tree seeds for the same. ON the other hand, if you want crop seeds, you can get them by looting, buying them from traders or crafting them from harvested plants. Unlocking level 1 of Living Off The Land Perk enables you to craft flower seeds. Unlocking level 2 allows you to craft seeds for vegetables, berries and mutated crops.

To plant the crop seeds, you will need a Farm Plot. You need the following items in order to craft a Farm Plot.

  • 100 x Clay Soil
  • 25 x Nitrate Powder
  • 10 x Rotting Flesh
  • 4 x Wood

An exception to this rule are mushrooms, which like Tree seeds, can be planted in any open land and don’t particularly need a farm plot.

Farming Step 2 – Ensuring Good Lighting

Natural light is essential for all plants to grow. Again, mushrooms are an exception here. Hence, you need to ensure that either you plant outside in an open area or create a structure that lets in natural light. That is why indoor farming can be a bit tricky, although there are a few ways around it.

Different block types are available in 7 Days To Die that enable natural light to pass through it. The block shape and material determines the amount of light that passes through it. For example, light can pass through a chimney. Different materials have different light opacity values. Hence the material type of the block also determines how natural light can pass through it.

The light levels in 7 Days To Die ranges from 0 – 15, going from pitch dark to full sunlight. While indoor farming, you should keep in mind the light opacity value of the different block types. For example, bulletproof glass, which has a light opacity of 2, will bring down the light level below it, to 13.

Another thing that affects how much light reaches a particular block is its vertical distance from the light source. If the distance between the natural light source and the block is over 6 meters, it will not receive any natural light.

Farming Step 3 – The Growth Cycle

Once you’ve completed the above two steps, the plant or tree will begin its growth cycle. Initially, you will find the plant in the seedling stage. Slowly, over time, the seedling will develop into a fully mature plant that you can harvest for food and other resources. If you harvest it during the seedling stage, you will get the seeds for that plant in your inventory.

Trees, on the other hand, first turn into saplings. Harvesting saplings will only get you a small quantity of grass. Trees take time to grow. It will mature slowly in stages, till it is fully grown. The size of the fully grown tree will depend upon its soil type. You can check what growth stage your plant or tree is at by pointing your crosshair at it.

Farming Step 4 – Harvesting The Plant or Tree

You can harvest any mature plant by simply left-clicking on it. The amount of yield you harvest is the same whether you use your bare hands or any tool. The yield amount mainly depends upon what level you’ve unlocked for the Living Off The Land Perk.

A significant advantage of planting crops is that once harvested, it goes back to the seedling stage in the same plot. This ensures a continuous supply of food and resources. However, plants that grow organically in the 7 Days To Die world get destroyed once you harvest them.

As mentioned in the previous step, harvesting plants before it is fully mature will only get you its seeds. The fastest way to harvest plants is to use tools such as chainsaw and auger. Using a knife to harvest is also a quick way, especially with Flurry Of Blows Perk.

Harvesting Trees will get you its wood along with 2 seeds. Although you can use your bare hands to harvest a tree, a tool such as the Axe is a much more efficient way.

Seeds & Harvest Yield Details


Farming and harvesting trees are an excellent way to collect wood. The Amount of wood yield depends mainly upon the size and type of tree you are harvesting. Although you can harvest a tree using your bare hands, tools such as an axe are a much more efficient way to get more yield. The wood yield also increases with the MotherLode perk. Harvesting a fully mature tree also gets you 2 tree seeds.

PlantSeedRequires Crafting


In Realtime

Pine TreePine SeedsNo120 min
Blue Spruce TreeBlue Spruce SeedsNo120 min
Oak TreeOak SeedsNo120 min


Plants & Crops

The amount of yield you get upon farming and harvesting plants & crops depend on your Living Off The Land Perk Level. The table below shows the Unit yield you get per harvest for each level of Living Off The Land Perk.


PlantSeedRequiresCraftingGrowth time in RealtimeUnit Yield Using Living Off The Land (Perk)
Level 0Level 1 & 2Level 3
Yucca PlantYucca Seedyes120123
Super Corn PlantSuper Corn Seedyes180123
Potato PlantPotato Seedyes120123
Pumpkin PlantPumpkin Seedyes120123
MushroomMushroom Sporesyes180123
Hop PlantHop Seedyes120123
Goldenrod PlantGoldenrod Seedyes120123
Cotton PlantCotton Seedyes120123
Corn PlantCorn Seedyes180123
Coffee PlantCoffee Seedyes120123
Chrysanthemum PlantChrysanthemum Seedyes120123
Blueberry PlantBlueberry Seedyes120123
Aloe PlantAloe Seedyes120123

Useful Tips For Crops

  • With Cotton plants, other than crafting cotton seeds, you can also craft cloth fragments.
  • Potato is a good food source. You can eat it raw, make baked potatoes by grilling on a Cooking Grill, or the best way – use it in making stew.
  • Another great food item that can be used in multiple recipes is Ear of Corn.  You can cook this to make Corn on the cob. You can also use it in making vegetable and meat stews, or you can use it to make Cornmeal which can be used to cook various items such as:
    • Plaster Cast
    • Grain Alcohol (used to make First Aid Kit, Recog, Grandpa’s Moonshine)
    • Fish Tacos
    • Corn Bread
    • Pumpkin Bread
    • Pumpkin Cheesecake
    • Pumpkin Pie
    • Blueberry Pie
  • Blueberries are best used along with cornmeal to make a blueberry pie. You can get blueberries in the snow biome. It can be an early-game food, i.e. if you dare to enter the snow biome. 
  • If you need a Caffeine buzz, then use the coffee beans to brew some Coffee.

Notes For Older Versions:

Before Alpha 19, there were 5 levels in Living Off The Land Perk. Level 5 was used to unlock mutated seeds. Before Alpha 18, crops, like trees, could be planted in an open area and didn’t require a farm plot. Also, since Alpha 18, tilling soil using a hoe is no longer required.

Farming – It’s An Essential Survival Activity!

To conclude, Farming in 7D2D is a process of gathering or crafting seeds, planting them in the appropriate place, ensuring proper lighting and finally, when it is fully mature – harvesting. Whenever you harvest a plant, a new seed for the same plant gets automatically planted in the same place. This way, you have a continuous supply of food items that you can harvest from time to time. As we’ve mentioned before, if you harvest before the plant is fully grown, you will still get the seeds for the plant. Having a sustainable supply of food and related resources is important, especially early on in the game. That is why farming is important in 7 Days To Die.

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