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Max Stack:250

7 Days To Die Feather


Feather is one of the items that you get started off pretty early in the game. In fact, it is part of the early game missions you have to complete when you start a new game. It is useful in making ammo, starting from the very basic stone arrow to the Exploding Crossbow Bolt. Additionally, it can also be used as a fuel source in Forge and campfires.

These are pretty simple to obtain. One very obvious way is to harvest it from a Birds nest that can be found lying around especially near trees. Here’s a tip: After harvesting the bird’s nest, destroying it with a tool such as Axe will get you additional Feathers. 

Other easy ways to obtain it is by looting Dumpsters, Trash bins, Rubbish etc. You can also get it by killing and harvesting birds such as chickens and vultures.


Characteristic PropertiesScrapping/Forging Properties
Max Stack25MeltableNo
  Burn Time0.12


Recipes Using Feather

Feathers can be used to craft the following recipes:

 ItemRequired MaterialsWorkstationImplementTimeBookSkill
 Iron ArrowIron Arrowhead *1, Wood *1, Feather *100′ 2.25″
 Iron Crossbow BoltIron Arrowhead *1, Wood *1, Feather *100′ 2.25″
 Puffer CoatCloth Fragment *35, Feather *50, Cotton *35, Sewing Kit *302′ 38″Needle & Thread Vol.6
 Stone ArrowSmall Stone *1, Wood *1, Feather *100′ 1.75″
 Stone Crossbow BoltSmall Stone *1, Wood *1, Feather *100′ 1.75″


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