7 Days To Die Feral Wight

7 Days To Die Feral Wight

Feral Wight

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Zombie Type
Loot Container
Hostile NPCs
Feral, Radiated


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HP (Feral)
HP (Radiated)
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The Feral Wight zombie is quite the mean bugger to come across in the 7 Days 2 Die world. This one is a special zombie type that you will usually encounter in the more advanced stage hordes. If you’re unlucky enough you can also find them in Wasteland cities, caves and Army Bases.

You have to watch out for this zombie type because they can run at you even during the daytime! These zombies are also much stronger and taller than regular zombies. So they are not so easy to take down and can cause you a lot of damage in return.

Another threat they pose because of their strength is the ability to also destroy your structures. The Feral Wight zombie will go at your walls and other structure with such ferociousness that they will take it down in no time. That is why if you are planning on making your base in the wastelands, then you better arm yourself well because your fort may not hold for long!

Feral Wight: Locations

Wasteland-biome, Blood Moon hordes, Military and Government Installations, any POI at higher gamestage

Feral Wight: Hit Points

As we mentioned above, this zombie does not go down easily and can hit back hard. It has 532 Hit Points. But that is just the regular Feral Wight. On the other hand, the Feral & Radiated version of this zombie type has 1010  Hit Points.

Feral Wight: Drop Loot

If you are lucky, then when you kill a Feral Wight zombie you will get a dropped loot. And that is a very good news because as hard as they are to take down, the feral wights tend to drop the good stuff!

In the dropped loot you have a chance to get your hands on high-quality weapon parts, weapon schematics or military gear. And if you are very lucky indeed, then you might even get a fully assembled SMG or Sniper Rifle.


Feral Wight: Combat

From all that we’ve mentioned so far, it should be pretty clear that you have to be careful when getting into a combative situation with a Feral Wight. With their ability to run at you any time regardless of day & night, along with their high health and attack power, they can easily kill you if don’t watch out. 

Their attack power is almost as high as that of Bears. And as with Bears, you don’t want to get into a close-combat situation. It is way smarter and safer to kill them from a distance. Preferably using some powerful weapon like the Sniper or Hunting Rifle. These weapons have the chance of taking down the Feral Wight In a single shot and you don’t run the risk of having them run at you.

Another way to handle a Feral Wight menace is by using traps. This is especially useful if your base tends to get visited by the feral wights, such as in the wastelands. You can set up spike traps that can injure the wights and turn them into crawlers giving you a pretty big advantage over them. However, keep in mind that the feral wights have a longer arm reach than regular zombies. So me careful getting too close to them using a melee weapon.


  • Feral Wight Zombies are like the Fallen Soldier zombie except that the wights are not wearing military armour.
  • Feral Wights will always run even if you have enabled “Never Run” in settings.
  • After Day 28, Feral WIghts can be spawned by a screamer.
  • Feral wight zombies tend to appear more in the late-stage hordes than early in the game.

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