7 Days To Die Forged Iron

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In 7 Days to die, Forged Iron is a very useful resource. You can find it in the game world or crafted in a forge.  Later, you can use the Forged Iron to create more complicated and advanced items.

7 Days to Die Forged Iron

Forged Iron

Item ID:
Sell Price:
Max Stack:
Crafting Cost
2 duke’s casino tokens
12 Scrap Iron
6 Clay

7 Days To Die Forged Iron: Best places to find it

Forged Iron can be found by looting all manner of containers. So the likely places to find Forged Iron are trash piles, trash cans, dumpsters, destroyed workbenches, destroyed chemistry stations, destroyed forges and loot bags from zombie kills.  Once found, you can use Forged Iron in your workbench to craft new items.

A second way to get Forged Iron is by using a wrench, ratchet, or impact driver.  Using any of those tools to disassemble forges, workbenches, chemistry stations, vending machines, cash registers, freezers and other similar appliances in the game.  Once you have harvested them, they will give you Forged Iron in addition to other resources.

How to make forged iron

Another way to get Forged Iron is to make it.  Scrap Iron can be smelted down in a forge.  Afterwards, you can use the forge to create Forged Iron to be used in crafting other, more advanced items. However, note that the crafting cost of Forged Iron is 12 units of Scrap Iron and 6 units of clay for each Forged Iron.


Short Iron Pipe

AK-47 Machine Gun

Banded Armor Plating Mod

Baseball Bat

Basic Light Bulb

Battery Bank

Beverage Cooler

Bicycle Chassis

Blade Trap


Burning Barrel

Cement Mixer

Chemistry Station

Claw Hammer

Contact Grenade (Ammo)


Dart Trap

Desk Safe

Double Barrel Shotgun

Electric Fence Post

Electric Timer Relay

Electric Wire Relay





Firefighter’s Helmet

Fireman’s Axe Mod


Generator Bank

Grave Digger Mod

Grenade (Ammo)

Hunting Knife

Industrial Light

Industrial Light BUlb

Iron Crossbow

Iron Door

Iron Fireaxe

Iron Garage Door 3×2

Iron Knuckles

Iron Ladder

Iron Pickaxe

Iron Shovel

Iron Sledgehammer

Iron Spikes Trap


Magazine Extender Mod

Metal Furniture


Minibike Chassis

Motion Sensor

Muzzle Brake Mod

Office Chair


Reinforced Drawbridge

Repair Kit

Robotic Sledge

Rolling Garage Door 5×3

Sawed-Off Shotgun Mod

Scope 2x Mod

Serrated Blade Mod

Shotgun Choke Mod

Shotgun Duckbill Mod

Shotgun Tube Extender Mod


Stun Baton


The Hunter Mod

Trigger Group: Semi Mod

Trigger Plate 1×1


Trigger Plate 1×5

Wall Safe

Weighted Head Mod


Wood Splitter Mod



Air Filter Land Mine

Bipod Mod

Cooking Pot Mine

Fore Grip Mod

Hubcap Land Mine

Hunting Rifle

Iron Boots

Iron Chest Armor

Iron Gloves

iron Helmet

Iron Leg Armor

Iron Spear


Stack of Lockpicks (50)

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