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In 7 Days To Die, Forged Steel is a handy resource, especially for making weapons and armour. You can find forged steel in the game world or craft it in a forge. Afterwards, you can use the forged steel to create more complicated and advanced items.

7 Days to Die Forged Iron

Forged STEEL

Item ID:
Sell Price:
Max Stack:
11 Duke Coins

Best placeS to find forged STEEL in 7 days to die

Forged Steel can be found by looting all manner of containers. So, the likely places to find Forged Steel are trash piles, trash cans, dumpsters, destroyed workbenches, destroyed chemistry stations, destroyed forges and mainly in loot bags from zombie kills.

Another way to get forged steel is by harvesting it using a wrench, ratchet, or impact driver on vending machines, any kind of safe and the tops of light poles you find in cities.


How to make forged STEEL

The main thing you need to make forge Steel is a crucible. You can find one in working stiffs but they are rare, you can also find crucible schematics which will enable you to make one. Once you have a Crucible, put it in your forge along with some smelted Scrap Iron and Clay and your good to go.


.44 Desert Vulture


Auto Shotgun 

Barrel Extender Mod

Blade Trap 

Bunker Buster Mod

Diamond Blade Tip Mod


Ergonomic Grip Mod

Gun Safe

Burning Barrel

Helmet Light Mod

Iron Breaker Mod

Laser Sight Mod

M60 Machine Gun

Metal Chain Mod

Motor Tool Tank Large Mod

Motor Tool Tank Small Mod

Muffled Connectors Mod

Polymer String Mod

Retracting Stock Mod

Robotic Turret 





SMG Auto Turret


Steel Boots

Steel Chest Armor

Steel Gloves 

Steel Helmet

Steel Ladder

Steel Leg Armor

Steel Spear

Stun Baton Repulsor Mod

Tactical Assault Rifle 

Tempered Blade Mod

Trigger Group: Burst Mod

Vault Door

Vault Hatch

Wire Tool

.44 Magnum

4×4 Truck Chassis

Advanced Muffeled Connector Mod

Arrow Rest Mod

Barbed Wire Mod



Box of Shotgun Breaching Shells (100)

Burning Shaft Mod


Compound Crossbow

Cripple ‘Em Mod

Drum Magazine Mod

Fortifying Grip Mod

Gyrocopter Chassis

Impact Bracing Mod

Impact Driver


Marksmen Rifle

Metal Spikes Mod

Motorcyle Chassis

Motorcycle Handlebars


Pump Shotgun

Rad Remover Mod


Reflex Sight Mod

Rocket Launcher



Scope 4x Mod

Scope 8x Mod

Shotgun Auto Turret

Shotgun Breaching Slug (ammo)

Silencer Mod

Sniper Rifle

Steel Axe

Steel Club

Steel Garage Door 3×2 (Powered)

Steel Garage Door 5×2 (Powered)

Steel Knuckles

Steel Pickaxe

Steel Shovel

Steel Sledgehammer

Trigger Group: Full Auto Mod

Vault Door 03 (Powered)

Vault Hatch v3 (Powered)

Water Purifier Mod


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