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7 Days To Die Generator Bank


Here’s a very useful tool, especially during the advanced stage of the game in the 7D2D world. A Generator Bank is an item you can place on the ground by equipping and right-clicking where you want to place it. This item is required in order to power up all your Electrical components.

This item requires a minimum of one engine to run and fuel to transfer power to the electrical circuits. Each engine provides 50W power towards the max power output, and you can add a total of 6 engines to one Generator Bank. In order to add or remove an engine, you need to first turn off the generator. However, you can refuel even when it is on.

Crafting A Generator Bank

The following resources are required to craft this valuable item.

7 Days to Die Forged Iron10* Forged IronWorkbenchAdvanced Engineering Level 3
14* Electrical Parts
7 Days To Die Mechanical Parts10* Mechanical Parts

Using A Generator Bank

As you should know by now, you can use a Generator to power up the electrical components that you have set up. In order to connect the generator to the electrical components, you need a Wire Tool. The fuel consumption depends upon the amount of power being drained by the various connected components. If no components are being powered by the generator, then even if it is left ON, it will not consume fuel.

You can interact with this advantage tool using the default – ‘e’ key. This will open up a window that shows status, the current amount of power being drawn out and the maximum power output of the generator. You can add or remove engines, refuel and turn the generator on/off from this screen.

Note that in order to pick up a generator, you need to ensure to place the generator within range of your Land Claim Block. Long-pressing the ‘e’ button will bring up the option to ‘take’ the generator.


Generator Power Drain

As we’ve mentioned above already, a generator does not consume any fuel, if it is not connected to any electrical components. Similarly, increasing the number of engines does not increase fuel consumption. The generator power usage and fuel consumption work as shown below:

For every Watt of power produced, 1.8 units of fuel are used per hour in real-time. So a generator with a max fuel capacity of 1000 units can help produce power worth 555 W-hours.

This means you get power for 555W/Drain, where Drain = Power Consumption of Generator.


Limitations Of The Generator Bank

  • The Generator can only have outgoing power lines connected to it. You cannot plug in an incoming power line into it. That means it cannot have a parent connection.
  • This item makes noise when it is switched on even if it is not connected to any electrical components.
  • It can have a maximum of 9 outgoing connections. However, you can use the daisy-chain connection mechanism to add more equipment to receive power.
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