Grilled Meat

Type:Cooked Food
Characteristic Properties
Max Stack10
Obtain ThroughCooking, Looting, Trading

7 Days To Die Grilled Meat


Cooked food is always great in terms of boosting your health and stamina stats. Meat is a great source for some quick and nutritious recipes. If you’ve managed to get your hands on some meat and a Cooking Grill, then you can treat yourself to some Grilled meat and boost your health, Stamina and Fullness stats.


The below-mentioned items are required in order to craft this food item.

 5* Raw Meat

At a


that has a

Cooking Grill

after learning from



after attaining level 1

Master Chef


00′ 15″

Comparison Between Grilled Meat & Other Meat Types

  • The three most basic recipes you cook using raw meat are Charred Meat, Boiled Meat and Grilled Meat. Each of these items has their pros and cons, and you should decide based on how it will affect your player stats for Health, Stamina and Fullness.
  • Unlike Charred meat, the Grilled one does not have a negative effect on your hydration.
  • On the other hand, unlike, boiled meat, the grilled one doesn’t have a positive effect on hydration either.
  • Grilling meat is also a good option during the early stage because unlike Boiled meat, this food item does not require water in order to cook.


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