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Overview Of Hordes In 7 Days To Die

Even if you’ve just started playing 7 Days To Die, you probably already know what we’re talking about here! Hordes are a fairly big group of zombies that can be really annoying or even fatal if they catch you off guard and in a tight spot. Such zombie groups can contain any of the zombie types including animals.

These zombies act with a group mentality and all follow the path, except for screamers who just move around randomly like a maniac. They can however be quite troublesome since they might scream and call in other zombies, increasing the hordes’ size. Different hordes in 7D2D behave differently based on the horde type as mentioned below.

Types Of Hordes In 7D2D

Roaming Hordes

The Roaming Hordes are so-called since they tend to spawn somewhere near a player and then start walking towards the location of the player. This is the initial location of the player when the Horde spawned. These zombies cannot automatically detect a player. And hence, will just keep roaming in the same straight line for quite a distance before stopping. This group can have a combination of any of the different zombie types including animals like Dogs, wolves, bears and vultures.

This horde type spawns once during the day and then again at night. It starts on Day1 with just one zombie, which becomes 3 zombies by night. The number of zombies spawning in the horde starts increasing after day 5. By Day 9 it will become quite a decent sized mob of zombies. Some days it’s a pack of zombie dogs. Finally, on Day 22 the roaming zombies get reset to how it was on Day 1.

Screamer Hordes

Heat attract Screamers. They’re those annoying zombie bitches that will scream and call in hordes of different kinds of zombies from all directions to come and attack you. These zombie types that show up depends on the gamestage of the players. And the screamer zombie will just keep screaming and calling in more zombies for a while! Since it is attracted by heat, major activities such as forge, chemistry station, torches etc attract the screamers.

Blood Moon Horde

The most dangerous of all the zombie hordes in the 7 Days To Die world is the Blood Moon Hordes. And unlike the regular roaming horde, these zombies can detect players. This means they know exactly where you are and will waste no time in running towards you. Depending upon your game settings, the blood moon horde may run even faster than the regular night zombies. Because of these reasons, the blood moon horde is not that easy to get away from. Your options really boil down to the following 3:

  • Have a strong base that can defend against a blood moon horde. You can either build such a base yourself or even convert a POI to use as a base. If you’re building one yourself, there are plenty of videos on youtube to get you started on building a Horde Base.
  • The next option is to just fight it out in the open with these pesky zombies in a horde! That is however much easier said than done! In this case, you will have to ensure you are well equipped with the right weapons, more than enough ammo and most importantly, that you are skilled enough to pull this off!
  • Well, when all else fails, just make a run for it! However, you won’t make it very far if you’re on foot. So for the evading tactic to work you need a vehicle, preferably one that runs on gas! And make sure you have enough gas to refuel if required!

Post Blood Moon Hordes

Once you’ve made it past the dreaded Blood Moon, the fight isn’t over just yet! There is a good chance of a Post Blood Moon Horde appearing after the blood moon is over. At least this is the case in single-player mode.

The post blood moon horde usually appears early morning before 12. It can consist of zombie animals like dogs, wolves, vultures etc. The zombie animal horde could be a  pack of 4-6 dogs, a pack of 7 wolves, with 2 grey ones, or a group of 12 vultures. Vultures are probably the easiest to deal with since they are programmed to be relatively more passive

Horde Combat Strategy

Like we’ve already mentioned, the roaming hordes can be dangerous especially if they catch you off-guard and in a tricky spot. However, if you are a bit prepared, you can actually take down or at least get away safely from random roaming hordes.

Now, if you do get caught off guard, then don’t panic and run into the first house you see! If you’ve been already spotted by a horde, then the last thing you want is to be stuck in a house that is not designed to defend against a horde!  With a large group of zombies attacking the walls and the risk of the infected Cop zombie showing up with its corroding vomit, the horde will soon bring down the house, and you along with it!

If on the other hand, you’ve decided to take down the zombies yourself, then you better be armed well! Having a shotgun with plenty of shotgun shells will help you take down plenty of zombies since they tend to follow each other and the shotgun bullet can pass through the first zombie and even hit the one behind it!

A .44 magnum will have a similar effect when taking down zombie hordes. And since these zombies like to group up, using a pipe bomb against them is also pretty effective in taking down multiple zombies at a time.

When dealing with a horde with different types of zombies, you should not just try to take down all zombies equally. First, kill all the zombie dogs, since these guys are fast and can prevent you from getting away from the area. Next, get the Infected Police Officer if he’s around. The last type of zombie to go for are the feral zombies since they tend to drop great loot bags. Additionally, they also require a lot of bullets to be taken down, and you don’t want to be out of ammo right at the start.


  • When dealing with the  Infected Police Officer zombie, Shotgun and Pump Shotgun is not such a great choice since the cop can explode if you are too close. This will almost certainly kill you!
  • On the other hand, Shotguns are a great option against Feral zombies and even dogs. This is because the shotgun has a widespread and there’s a better chance of hitting these fast-moving zombies with this gun.
  • Remember that Feral Zombies will take quite a few bullets to go down. Additionally, their attack can cause a lot of damage, and they’re always in sprinting mode!
  • Another great weapon to deal with a roaming horde from close range is the .44 Magnum. It can take down all regular zombies with 3 bullets anywhere on their body, It can also take down the Infected Cop with a single headshot.
  • Concrete building structures have a stronger defence. At the same time, it can be quite time-consuming to repair, especially in the middle of combat!
  • The type of zombies in a horde depends upon the gamestage of the top 5 players in the region.

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