7 Days To Die Server Hosting

Finding the best 7 Days To Die Hosting Provider can be challenging, mainly because many game server hosting providers out there. In addition, some hosting providers host multiple games, and some only host 7 Days To Die. But which one is best for you and why? What makes a good hosting provider, and what tools will you need to effectively run your 7 Days To Die server?

Whether you are hosting for your friends, family members, or you are about to launch into running your own 7 Days To Die gaming community, you will want it to be an enjoyable experience, and that’s what we will talk about in this article today.

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Please note this article is currently under construction. It’s being written and expanded upon every day as the new changes of A21 and its 3rd party tools get updated.

What Makes A Good 7 Days To Die Hosting Provider?

We consider many different things when choosing the best 7 Days To Die servers. There is something that is just preference, like popular or not, having lots of mods, having a few or just straight-up vanilla. When analysing what would make the best 7 Days To Die server, we tried to leave all things that might be considered “preference”. But there are some essential things that you must have on a 7 Days To Die server for it to be successful. So, we boiled it down to these main 3 categories:

Established Company

You will be surprised how many one-man-band 7 Days To Die Hosting companies are out there. We all start from humble beginnings, but you will want to go with an established company. One that has been there for quite some time, with a wealth of experience. The reason for that is 7 Days To Die is a buggy game, and if you are not computer savvy, you will need a hosting company that knows what they are doing.

Decent Server Hardware

When you first start hosting 7 Days To Die Servers, you will probably be on shared hosting. This means there will be 1 machine virtually split up into multiple virtual private servers (VPS). Therefore, you will want to use a 7 Days To Die Hosting company that uses high-quality and high-end server hardware. This is important since 7 Days To Die has major resource leaks, and you will need better hardware, especially if you add mods.

Good Customer Support

Running a server for your family or group of friends is one thing. But if you plan to start your own 7 Days To Die Community. You will want a quick response from your hosting provider’s support team. Not many people get time to play games, and if something goes wrong, they won’t be happy having to wait hours or even the next day till you or your 7 Days To Die hosting provider fixes it. They will most likely leave and play somewhere else.

Benefits of using a 7 Days To Die Hosting Provider

You can host a 7 Days To Die server on your own computer, but it’s not a simple procedure, and your players will be reliant on your computer to remain on 24/7 and your internet service provider to not only be good and fast but to be stable as well. Not to mention, running 7 Days To Die servers on your own computer is a massive resource hog, so you best have a pretty good 2nd computer lying around that you don’t need.

We highly recommend using a 7 Days Hosting Company like Ping Perfect. These guys are the leaders in the game server field, and they specialise in 7 Days To Die Hosting. Some of the biggest 7 Days To Die server owners are using Ping Perfect, and for good reason.

Daily Backs Ups

Ping Perfect have daily backs ups that don’t require your server to shut down. So if anything drastic happened, you and your players would not lose weeks or months of work. If you want more frequent backups, you can easily set them up via the game panel provided.

Global Locations

Ping Perfect host 7 Days To Die Servers all over the world. So no matter where you live or your players are, you can rent a server close to you. This will provide a better experience for your players with lower latency and ping.

Mod Manager

One of my favourite things about Ping Perfect is their mod manager. From what I have seen, no other hosting company has it. You can install Darkness Falls or Undead Legacy overhaul mod with one button on your server. It’s not just those overhaul mods, either. All and any overhaul mod can be installed with just 1 click. Not to mention useful 7 Days To Die server management tools like CSMM

Fast Tech Support

As mentioned before, 7 Days To Die is a buggy game and running a server with multiple people and mods can increase the chance of something going wrong. Having a fast and knowledgeable tech support team to help you in a time of need is essential to any 7 Days To Die server owner.

Game Panel

The Ping Perfect Gamepanel makes managing your 7 Days To Die Server super easy. From setting up regular reboots, backups, file management system, editing the XML config files etc. It’s a one-stop shop server management tool.

DDOS Protection

DDOS protection is the type of thing you rather have and not need it than need it and not have it. With zero DDOS protection, any scrip kiddy can take down your server. I have had my 7 Days To Die server taken down by a shallow DDOS attack, and all that was demanded was $50 sent to a bitcoin wallet. I had guarantee they would stop or demand more later. So, I had no choice but to move to Ping Perfect.

Signing Up For 7 Days To Die Hosting Provider

What Should I Choose?

If you have never signed up for a 7 Days To Die hosting provider before, then there are some things you might need to know. It’s a straightforward process, but there might be some things you are unfamiliar with, so I have written a little explanation of some things you should consider when hosting your 7 Days To Die server.

Ping Perfect Sign Up

What Are Slots?

A “slot” is a slot for a player to join. So if you order a 10-slots, only 10 players can join the server. If you are using a server for you and your friends, 10 slots should be enough. But if you increase the zombie or add mods, I suggest increasing the slots so that more resources are allocated to your server. 7 Days To Die Hosting is resource heavy. I would not order the bare minimum.

Always Buy Extra RAM

Hosting 7 Days To Die can be a nightmare sometimes, as it’s not optimized and is always prone to memory leaks. If you want to ensure you and your friends have a good time, I would buy some extra ram. Especially if you are going to add mods or increase the zombies count.

Do I need SSD (NVMe)

You 100% need the SSD when hosting 7 Days To Die since the game needs to write and rewrite data constantly. For example, every map has chunks that are 15×15 blocks in size. If you change something in that chunk, like hitting a tree or blade of grass, it has to rewrite the new data of that chunk. So you can imagine 20 players simultaneously building or mining all over the map.

Server Location & its importance.

The location of where you are hosting your 7 Days To Die server is essential since the further away the server is from you, the higher your Ping will be. This can create lag spikes, rubber banding and warping zombies. Not a fun experience for you, your friends, your family or your community.

So choose a location that’s best for you all. When you first land on Ping Perfect’s 7 Days To Die Hosting page, it will show you only 3 locations, the UK, Europe and the USA. But regardless of which one you choose. You will see a drop-down box on the next page with more specific locations.

Basic 7 Days To Die Hosting Set Up

So you have signed up to Ping Perfect, they emailed you your login details, you are officially hosting a 7 Days To Die server, and you are staring at the Game Panel thinking… “Now what?” Well, have no fear. In this section, I will show you the basics of configuring your server. If you are hosting a 7D2D server for your friends/family. This section will be all you need.

Step 1 – Server Configuration

Here, you can edit your server configurations, like server name, Loot & XP, zombie count, map selection, etc. It’s a one-stop shop for all your 7 Days To Die hosting setting needs. Your 7 Days To Die server comes with the standard default maps: Navezgane and PreGen 1 to 3. You have to add the map’s name to the “Game World” section in the config editor, and your server will select that as the map when it starts up. If you want to add a custom map or one you have generated, I will show you this in the next section.

Video Coming Soon

Step 2 – adding yourself as an Admin

You are automatically an admin on a single player and can use admin commands. However, when you host a 7 Days To Die server, you must add yourself as an admin on the admin.xml file, which is called pingadmin.xml on PingPerfect. You can find this in the Configuration Files. You must know your SteamID to add it to the pingadmin.xml file. If you don’t know what your SteamID is, I have linked the SteamID finder below.

Step 3 – Setting Up Daily Back Ups

One of the great things about Ping Perfect is its backup system. So every day, Ping Perfect will take a backup of your server without your server needing to be shut down. They hold these backups for 2 weeks. However, you can set up your own backups in the Ping Perfect game panel if you wish them to be more frequent than 24 hours. But the ones you set up in the game panel will require your server to shut down.

We have them every 12 hours in case something terrible happens. So essentially, we have 3 backups of our server every single day. Ping Perfect have a good guide on how to set up your own backups using their game panels “Schedule Tasks”. But you don’t want your server to turn off suddenly. It would be best to have some countdown messages to let you and your friends know a backup will soon happen. Check out how we set up our backups on the Ping Perfects Schedule tasks section.

Hosting 7 Days To Die Overhaul Mods

One of the great things about hosting 7 Days To Die with Ping Perfect is that they have a mod manager that enables you to install any 7 Days To Die Overhaul mod with one click of a button. If you want to connect, you, your friend, and your community will still have to install it on their computers.

Just ensure the version on Ping Perfects Mod Manager is the latest. Sometimes they are not aware of the new releases. If this is the game, you can easily open a ticket and ask them to update their mod manager.

If you have any questions about the overhaul mod or want to check the latest version. You should join the Discords of the creators of the overhauls mods. Everyone with a 7 Days To Die Server or Overhaul mod has a Discord to house the community around that mod and offer any support needed. Below I have links to all the invites to those Discords.

Mod Manager Explained
How to install or update 7 Days To Die Overhaul Mods

Setting up the CSMM Server Manager

CSMM is a 7 Days To Die Server manager, and out of all the games I host and run, each has its own variation of a Server Manager. I have to say CSMM is one of the best, and I only wish Catalysm, the creator, would make a CSMM for my other games.

Connecting CSMM To Your Server

Adding CSMM to your hosted 7 Days To Die server is straightforward on the Ping Perfect game panel. Go to the mod manager section, and under the Server Manager or API Tools drop-down menu should be CSMM Patreon’s Mod [CPM]. Click the install button next to that. Scroll all the way to the bottom to make sure you are installing the latest versions.

For some reason, Ping Perfect keep the A18, A19 and A20 versions at the top. But you want A21 versions. You will also need to install Allocs Server Fixes, and whilst you are at it, install Server Tools. They can all be found in that section of Ping Perfects Mod Launcher.

Mod Manager

Installing CSMM and Allocs

To clear up any confusion, CPM is part of CSMM, created by a guy called Prisma. Catalysm created CSMM, and Prisma created CPM. The two guys work together in making this awesome 7 Days To Die Server manager, and CPM and CSMM work side by side.

Webtokens add username password 0

Example: webtokens add salty 1234321 0

visitmap -4096 -4096 4096 4096

visitmap -3072 -3072 3072 3072

Ban List of Items You should add to CSMM

  • armorPlotAdmin
  • coolLootShadesAdmin
  • coolLootShadesAdmin200
  • drinkJarFullRespecAdmin
  • drugBluePillAdmin
  • drugRedPillAdmin
  • foolsCapAdmin
  • gunHandgunPistolAdmin
  • gunToolDiggerAdmin
  • Loadout Tier 1
  • Loadout Tier 2
  • Loadout Tier 3
  • Loadout Tier 4
  • Loadout Tier 5
  • meleeToolHammerOfGodAdmin
  • meleeToolPaintToolAdmin
  • meleeToolSalvageWrenchAdmin
  • noteTestersDelightAdmin
  • noteTestersElectricityAdmin
  • pimpMiningHelmetAdmin
  • rocketBootsAdmin
  • terrainAdd
  • terrainRemove
  • toolTerrainModelerAdmin
  • toughGuyShirtAdmin
  • ringOfFireAdmin
  • meleeToolBlockReplaceTool
  • craftingShadesAdmin
  • upgradeResourcesPackAdmin
  • craftingResourcesPackAdmin
  • workstationsPackAdmin
  • levelDesignToolsAdmin
  • thrownGrenadeNukeAdmin
  • adminPerkBook
  • adminSkillMagazine
  • adminModSchematic
  • giveXP_T1_admin
  • giveXP_T2_admin
  • giveXP_T3_admin
  • giveXP_T4_admin
  • giveXP_T5_admin
  • giveXP_T6_admin
  • LoadoutTier1Melee
  • LoadoutTier1Bow
  • LoadoutTier1Pistol
  • LoadoutTier1Shotgun
  • LoadoutTier1Rifle
  • LoadoutTier1MachineGun
  • LoadoutTier1Ranged
  • LoadoutTier2Melee
  • LoadoutTier2Bow01
  • LoadoutTier2Bow02
  • LoadoutTier2Pistol
  • LoadoutTier2Shotgun
  • LoadoutTier2Rifle
  • LoadoutTier2MachineGun
  • LoadoutTier2Ranged
  • LoadoutTier2ArmorLight
  • LoadoutTier2ArmorHeavy
  • LoadoutTier2Armor
  • LoadoutTier3Melee
  • LoadoutTier3Bow
  • LoadoutTier3Pistol01
  • LoadoutTier3Pistol02
  • LoadoutTier3Shotgun
  • LoadoutTier3Rifle
  • LoadoutTier3MachineGun01
  • LoadoutTier3MachineGun02
  • LoadoutTier3Ranged
  • LoadoutTier3ArmorLight
  • LoadoutTier3ArmorHeavy
  • LoadoutTier3Armor
  • LoadoutTier4Melee
  • LoadoutTier4Bow
  • LoadoutTier4Pistol01
  • LoadoutTier4Pistol02
  • LoadoutTier4Shotgun
  • LoadoutTier4Rifle01
  • LoadoutTier4Rifle02
  • LoadoutTier4MachineGun01
  • LoadoutTier4MachineGun02
  • LoadoutTier4Ranged
  • LoadoutTier4ArmorLight
  • LoadoutTier4ArmorHeavy
  • LoadoutTier4Armor
  • LoadoutTier5Melee
  • LoadoutTier5Bow
  • LoadoutTier5Pistol01
  • LoadoutTier5Pistol02
  • LoadoutTier5Shotgun01
  • LoadoutTier5Shotgun02
  • LoadoutTier5Rifle01
  • LoadoutTier5Rifle02
  • LoadoutTier5MachineGun01
  • LoadoutTier5MachineGun02
  • LoadoutTier5Ranged
  • LoadoutTier5ArmorLight
  • LoadoutTier5ArmorHeavy
  • LoadoutTier5Armor
  • LoadoutTier6Melee
  • LoadoutTier6MeleeMods
  • LoadoutTier6RangeMods
  • LoadoutTier6Throwables01
  • LoadoutTier6Pistol01
  • LoadoutTier6Pistol02
  • LoadoutTier6Shotgun02
  • LoadoutTier6MachineGun01
  • LoadoutTier6MachineGun02
  • LoadoutTier6JunkTurret
  • LoadoutTier6Ranged
  • LoadoutTier6ArmorLight
  • LoadoutTier6ArmorHeavy
  • LoadoutTier6Armor
  • Loadout Tier 6

Adding Maps

Adding Maps To Your Hosted 7 Days To Die Server

Here I will show you how to generate a map on your home computer and upload it to your 7 Days To Die server.

Customizing Maps

Customizing Your 7 Days To Die Maps

In this next section, we will learn how to customize our maps. A very excellent map editing tool called “MapToolz” was created by ZipCore. Below we have some great videos made by YouTuber, TallManBrad. Watch these videos to learn how to customize maps that have already been generated. You will need an image editing tool like Photoshop or its free alternative, Gimp.

Adding Custom POIs

Adding Maps To Your Hosted 7 Days To Die Server

Here I will show you how to generate a map on your home computer and upload it to your 7 Days To Die server.

Adding Reset Regions & Advance Claims

Adding Reset Regions Via CPM Live Map

CSMM is pretty much the ultimate 7 Days To Die Server Manager. There are a few others, like RAT (Remote Access Terminal) and Botman. But CSMM in my opinion is in league of its own.

Setting Up & Managing Discord

The Importance of Discord

Whether you are a newb to Discord or already have an existing Discord with a few thousand people in it. This Discord guide will help you structure your Discord, not just for hosting 7 Days To Die Servers. But build your community and organise your team.

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