Wood Frame Block

Item ID:3191
Sell Price:n/a
Max Stack:500

Wood frames

One of the first things you will be building in 7 Days To Die is the wood frame.  Wood is after all one of the primary and most useful resources you can gather. Wood frames are the first tier of building blocks you will use in 7 Days to Die.  You get plenty of benefits when you upgrade wood frames. You can upgrade wood frames by using either a stone axe, hammer, or nail gun on them.  Make sure you use the right-click on your mouse to perform the upgrade.  Remember that, upgrading costs resources and they are required to be in your inventory at the time you perform the upgrade.

Upgrade Wood Frames: Where do I go from here?

As you keep progressing in your 7 Days To Die adventure, you can continue to upgrade your building blocks to higher and higher tiers.  The following table will show you all the tiers and costs associated with upgrading.

  • Wood Frame – 2 Wood (Crafted in your inventory)
  • Wood Bloock – 4 Wood
  • Reinforced Wood Block – 4 wood
  • Cobble Stone – 10 Cobble Stone
  • Concrete Block – 10 Concrete Mix
  • Reinforced Concrete Block – 10 Concrete Mix
  • Steel Block – 10 Steel Bars


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