Land Claim Block

Block Properties
Hit Points7000
Horizontal Support300
Max Stack1

7 Days To Die Land Claim Block


The Land Claim Block is a craftable item in 7 Days To Die that gives you additional protection. The protection is enabled for an area of 41×41 horizontal block region around an active Land Claim Block. This item in addition to giving extra protection in terms of durability also enables you to pick up your workstation that is placed within the range of the block.

The Land Claim block properties mentioned above are applicable for both single-player and multiplayer modes. However, if you destroy this item then in addition to losing the protection you cannot claim that zone again, at least for some time (testing).

The Land Claim Protection Zone

As mentioned earlier, the main use of this block item is to provide a protection zone around the block. By default, this covers 41 x 41 blocks horizontally. Vertically the zone extends infinitely in both directions, or as far as the map goes.

All the blocks that exist within this protected zone, get a durability multiplier thereby protecting them! By default, the durability multiplier received by the blocks is 32. Both the block range and durability multiplier value can be changed through the server settings.

For a better understanding, check out the diagram given below. The Land Claim Block is the one in the middle marked by the big red “X”. The other small x’s represent how the protection zone extends for 20 blocks in all directions.

The protection zone also extends vertically up and down from the land claim block creating a sort of protected column. Also note that, while you can craft and place multiple claim blocks, only one of them can be active at a time. So if you place a new claim block, the previously active block gets deactivated and has its durability reduced back to 1.

Another property of the claim block is that you can pick up your workstation if it was placed within the protected zone. This property can come in handy even in single-player mode.

Crafting A Land Claim Block

Required Items

 5* Small Stone


00′ 30″


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