Item ID:667
Sell Price:???
Max Stack:6,000

7 Days To Die lead

Lead is a very useful Resource in 7 Days to die. That is because it can be used to craft a few useful items in 7 Days to Die.

What is lead used for?

You will primarily use Lead to make bullet and rocket tips.  Additionally, you will use lead to make batteries for vehicles.  Finally, lead is a key component in all manner of glass items to build and decorate your home.

Best Place To Find lead in 7 Days To Die

Lead resource nodes are scattered throughout the game world. So, mining these nodes and the lead veins below them is the best way to amass lead.  As always, you will want to mine these nodes with a mining tool such as a Stone Axe, Iron Pick, Steel Pick, or Auger.

lead Sources in 7 days to die

Items that contain Lead can be found by looting.  The list of items that contain Lead is very small.  Lead Fishing Weights and Lead Trophies are the only items you will find by looting.  Additionally, using a tool such as a Wrench, Ratchet, or Impact Driver on vehicles will give you a chance to yield a Lead Car Battery.

Scrapping these items will give you 75% of the lead contained within them.  However, smelting in a forge will give you 100% of their lead content.  Therefore, smelting is the most efficient way to get lead from these items.

Smeltable lead items:

  • Lead Trophy – 10 Lead – 8 Seconds
  • Lead Fishing Weights – 5 Lead – 5 Seconds
  • Lead Car Battery – 160 lead – 120 Seconds

All smelting times are for a Forge with an Anvil, Advanced Bellows and Crucible.

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