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Mechanical Parts are a required component in the crafting of many items in 7 Days to Die.  As a result, Mechanical Parts much more valuable then the price you can sell them to a Trader for.  And since they cannot be crafted in 7 Days to Die, you should hang on to your Mechanical Parts, you will need them.

7 Days To Die Mechanical Parts

mechanical parts

Item ID:
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Max Stack:

7 Days To Die Mechanical Parts: How To Get It ?

The best place to search for Mechanical Parts is in Pass N Gas Stations and Working Stiff Tools POIs.  You can find them in the appropriate named loot crates within those POIs and in other random POIs that contain those loot crates.  Another way you can acquire Mechanical Parts is by using a Wrench, Ratchet, or Impact Driver on the following structures in game:

  • Gas Pump
  • Office Chair
  • File Cabinet
  • Cement Mixer (Working and Destroyed versions)
  • Reinforced Drawbridge
  • Shopping Cart
  • Desk Safe
  • Wall Safe
  • Workbench (Working and Destroyed versions)
  • Generator Bank (Working and Destroyed versions)
  • Blade Traps
  • Dart Traps
  • Air Conditioner
  • Utility Cart
  • Garage Doors
  • Any Vehicle

7 Days To Die Mechanical Parts: What can I craft with it?

Mechanical Parts are required in the crafting of many useful items in 7 Days to Die.  Hence, although they do sell to the trader for a decent amount, they are a rare resource.  As a result, Mechanical Parts are better kept in storage until they are needed for crafting.

4×4 Truck Accessories

4×4 Truck Chassis

Advanced Muffled Connectors

Arrow Rest Mod

Barbed Wire Mod

Barrel Extender Mod


Bicycle Chassis

Bicycle Handlebars

Bipod Mod

Blade Trap

Bunker Buster Mod

Cement Mixer

Contact Grenade

Cooling Mesh Mod

Cripple Em Mod


Customized Fittings Mod

Dart Trap

Desk Safe

Diamond Tip Mod

Double Storage Pocket Mod

Drum Magazine Mod

Ergonomic Grip Mod

Fireman’s Axe Mod

Fore Grip Mod

Fortifying Grip Mod


Garage Door Metal

Generator Bank

Grave Digger Mod

Grenade (ammo)

Gun Safe

Gyrocoptor Chassis

Impact Bracing Mod

Improved Fittings Mod

Iron Breaker Mod

Iron Knuckles

Laser Sight Mod


Magazine Extender Mod

Metal Chain Mod

Metal Spikes Mid

Minibike Chassis

Minibike Handlebars

Motion Sensor

Motorcycle Chassis

Motorcycle Handlebars

Muffled Connectors Mod

Muzzle Break Mod


Office Chair

Polymer String Mod

Rad Remover Mod

Reinforced Drawbridge




Retracting Stock Mod

Rod and Spring Mod

Sawed-Off Shotgun Barrel Mod

Serrated Blade Mod

Shotgun Choke Mod

Shotgun Duckbill Mod

Silencer Mod

Storage Pocket Mod

Structural Brace Mod

Stun Baton Repulsor Mod


Tempered Blade Mod

The Hunter Mod


Trigger Group: Burst Mod

Trigger Group: Full Auto Mod

Trigger Group: Semi Mod

Trigger Plate

Triple Storage Pocket Mod

Vault Door

Vault Hatch

Wall Safe

Weighted Head Mod

Wire Tool

Wood Splitter Mod






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