7 Days To Die Minibike


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7 Days To Die Minibike

The Minibike is a type of vehicle you can make in 7 Days to Die. It has its own storage and is lockable. However, there certain things to keep in mind when using a minibike. Firstly, it can only carry one person. Secondly, it requires Gas in order to run. Thirdly, it needs a Repair Kit to repair it when damaged.

7 Days To Die Minibike: Speed and Storage

The Minibike in 7 Days to Die has 27 storage slots which makes it a great vehicle to take looting early game. The minibike travels at 7 blocks per second without holding shift down and 10 blocks per second while holding down shift but consumes more gas.

While looking at the Minibike, if you hold down E, it opens a radial menu that can be used to open the storage, fill it with gas and lock it. If you’re playing on a multiplayer server, make sure you lock your vehicles because people can pick it up if its unlocked.


A minibike is made in a workstation after either unlocking Grease Monkey Level 2 or finding the schematics for the chasis and handlebars.



To make a minibike:

2x Wheel, 1x Minibike Chasis, 1x Minibike Handlebars, 1x Engine, 1x Lead Car Battery

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