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Overview Of Motorcycle In 7 Days To Die

The 7 Days To Die world is huge. As your game progresses you will explore more and more areas of the map. It then becomes quite tiring and time-consuming to make such long trips and then back to the base. It could even cost you your life if it gets too dark and you’re a long way from home! At such times, having a Motorcycle in 7 Days To Die could be very useful.

You can ride a motorcycle in 7D2D and cover a large distance in a relatively short time. Additionally, the Motorcycle has its own storage space which can be very helpful when you got to carry back lots of stuff! You can access the radial menu by long pressing ‘E’ and choose from different options such as refuel, take the bike, access storage etc.

7 Days To Die Motorcycle


Item ID
Storage Slots

Vehicle Properties

Vehicle Speed
Vehicle Sprint Speed

Characteristic Properties

Durability (Min Quality)
Durability (Max Quality

Motorcycle: Speed

Your walking speed in 7D2d is 3.5 blocks per second, and it’s 7 blocks/s if you press shift and run. However, while riding a motorcycle you can cruise at 9 blocks/s or hit the gas by pressing shift and ride at 14 blocks per second. That saves a lot of time! It is also mighty useful when you have to outrun enemies like zombies or even worse, animals!

Motorcycle: Storage

Remember we said the motorcycle comes with its own storage space? Well, and it’s no small number. You get access to 36 extra slots for storage when you get your hands on this vehicle. This is really helpful when you are on a scavenging spree and have lots of loot to carry back! But mind you, even these storage slots will get filled up before you know it, so make sure to empty it out the non-essentials each time you go to your base.

Crafting A Motorcycle

Required Items

The following tables list the materials required in order to craft this vehicl


2* Wheel
1* Motorcycle Chassis
1* Motorcycle Handlebars
1* Lead Car Battery

Motorcycle: Refuel

Unlike the bicycle, this vehicle requires fuel in order to be driven. You need Gas can in order to refuel your bike. Once you have a sufficient amount of Gas can in your inventory, point your mouse at the bike and long-press on E to access the radial menu and then choose Refuel.

Motorcycle: Repair

As with most items in 7D2D, even the Motorcycle wears down with every use. After a point, you won’t able to ride it before repairing it. In order to do so, you need a Repair Kit.

Motorcycle: Controls


W – Throttle (move forward)

Mouse ← – Steer left

Mouse → – Steer right

S – Brake (stop) / Reverse

SPACEBAR – Handbrake (quick stop)

Shift – Boost


E – Mount/Dismount.

X – Honk horn

F – Toggle Headlight On/Off

Long Press E To Access The radial-menu which has the following options:

  • Drive
  • Storage
  • Repair
  • Refuel
  • Horn
  • Lock/Unlock & Set Pincode
  • Take Bike
  • Info Panel

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