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Obtain Through

Farming, Looting, Trading


Consumption Effects
Effect on Fullness +2
Effect on Hydration0

7 Days To Die Mushrooms


Mushrooms are a food item that can come in handy when hunger strikes! You can get this food source by harvesting them. Additionally, this item also comes in handy in crafting Antibiotics that can help cure infections. Shrooms can be commonly found in the Caves. You can also craft its spore seeds which can be used to plant and grow your own shrooms.

Characteristic PropertiesScrapping/Forging PropertiesFarming Properties
Max Stack125MeltableNoSeed usedMushroom Spore Seed
Base Price10CombustibleNo


Uses Of Mushrooms In 7D2D:


This item is a required ingredient in order to craft the following recipes:

 ItemRequired MaterialsWorkstationImplementTimeBookSkill
 Herbal Antibiotics

Blueberries *5, Mushrooms *3, Chrysanthemum Flower *3, Nitrate Powder *3, Bottled Murky Water *1

Blueberries *2, Mushrooms *1, Chrysanthemum Flower *1, Nitrate Powder *1, Bottled Murky Water *1


Chemistry Station

Cooking Pot

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00′ 37″



 Mushroom Spore Seed x 1Mushrooms *5, Clay Soil *200′ 26″
 SpaghettiLarge Beef Ration *1, Can of Pasta *1, Mushrooms *1, Animal Fat *3, Bottled Water *1CampfireCooking Pot01′ 07″RecipeMaster Chef
 Steak and Potato MealRaw Meat *5, Potato *2, Mushrooms *2, Animal Fat *1CampfireCooking Grill01′ 00″RecipeMaster Chef
 Vegetable StewPotato *2, Ear of Corn *2, Mushrooms *2, Bottled Water *1CampfireCooking Pot00′ 55″RecipeMaster Chef




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