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The 7 Days To Die Navezgane Map is usually the map everyone starts the game with. It was the first and only map available when the game first came out until they introduced map generations. The Navezgane Map is a made-up County in Arizona. Described as a “rare Eden in a world of devastation”, this is the primary location in the 7D2D storyline. “Navezgane”, according to the Apache Language, translates to Killer Of Monsters!

The 7 Days To Die Navesgane Map roughly covers around 32 square Kilometers. It has about a border that’s 100 metres thick which is a radiation zone. It will kill you slowly if you enter it, and the game does have a hazmat suit, but it’s not a functioning one. If you’re new to the game, it is recommended that you start with a base in Navezgane, north of the burnt forest biome. This separates it from the comparatively rougher biomes towards the south.

Navezgane Points of Interest

Points of Interest (POI) are pretty much what we call any premade building that you find on the 7 Days To Die Navezgane Map or any map for that matter. Almost all of these buildings have a decent loot pile, whether a small rural house in the middle of nowhere or a skyscraper building. Usually, the bigger and more difficult POIs, the better and bigger the end loot will be.

Checkout this video from Reach Gaming on all the new A21 POI locations:

7 Days To Die Navezgane Biomes

The 7 Days To Die Navezgane is now a 6k map. It used to be 4k. Most 7 Days To Die Servers use 8k maps. However, they are way more densely populated with larger cities and more towns. Navezgane Map, although smaller in size, is relatively scarce compared to just a few small towns. Navezgane does have something unique that no other map has, and that’s the Burnt Biome. This Biome was removed from normal map generators in A20 and only exists in the Navezgane Map.

Forrest Biome

Desert Biome

Snow Biome

Wasteland Biome

7 Days To Die Navezgane Map Key Locations

Burnt Forest Biome


The largest city in the 7 Days To Die Navezgane Map is located in the desert. Departure has one of 7D2D’s most famous POIs, called the Dishong Tower, known for its difficulty and being the tallest POIs in the game. Higashi, also a well-known POI, is located in this city.


Perishton is a new town recently added to the 7 Days To Die Navezgane Map. Located in the Snow Biome in the North West corner. This town replaced the Ghost Town that was in the previous version of the Navezgane Map. It has one unique POI, the Perishton Church.


Gravestowne is a big city located in the Wasteland Biome. One of the main features in this city is the Shotgun Messiah, situated on the East side. The Shotgun Messiah POI is one of the most dangerous POIs in the entire 7 Days To Die Navezgane Map. Having it located in the wasteland adds additional danger but also added rewards since different biomes increase a player’s loot stage.


The city of Diersvill looks more like a residential town full of family houses, most of which will contain a gun safe for you to loot. It’s located in the forest biome, where there is no biome multiplier for the loot stage or game stage. However, that means the zombies will be easier, making this city the best place to start. Diersvill also has a large hospital located in the South East corner.

7D2D Fun Facts

The real-world routes 73 & 260 of Arizona state go through the Navezgane map. Analyzing this and other data, such as distances mentioned on road signs, we can assume the Navezgane map to be somewhere near Whiteriver town and the Fort Apache Indian Reservation in Arizona.

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