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This is usually the map everyone starts the game with – the Navezgane County Arizona. Described as a “rare Eden in a world of devastation”, this is the primary location in 7D2D. “Navezgane” according to the Apache Language translates to Killer Of Monsters!

This map roughly covers around 32 square Kilometers. It has about 100 meters of the area which is highly irradiated on the edges of the map. This map is fixed and unlike the randomly generated map, it does not auto-generate and expand if you reach the border.

If you’re new to the game, it is recommended that you start with a base in Navezgane, north of the burnt forest biome. This separates it from the comparatively rougher biomes towards the south.

Navezgane Biomes & Other Areas

Navezgane is a decently sized map in 7D2D with about 6 Biomes and 4 mother major areas.

Navezgane Biomes

  1. Burnt Forest
  2. Forest
  3. Plains
  4. Desert
  5. Snowy Forest
  6. Wasteland


  1. Major Cities
    1. Gravestown
    2. Perishton
    3. Diersville
    4. Departure
  2. Minor Towns
    1. Old Western Town
    2. Trailer Park
  3. Rural Areas
  4. Wilderness

Navezgane Points of Interest

Points of Interest (POI) are locations that you can scavenge and loot from There are plenty of such POIs along with the Prefabs in 7D2D that are exclusive to the Navezgane map.


Alpha 19 Map

Alpha 19 Trader Locations Map

7D2D Fun Facts

  • The real-world routes 73 & 260 of Arizona state go through the Navezgane map. Analyzing this and other data such as distances mentioned on road signs we can assume the Navezgane map to be somewhere near Whiteriver town and the Fort Apache Indian Reservation in Arizona.
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