Best RUST PVE Servers

Best RUST PVE Servers

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5 of the Best RUST PVE Servers

Why are we writing about the best RUST PVE Servers? I hear you ask. Well, many 7 Days To Die players hate playing on RUST since it’s primarily a PVP when 7D2D is designed mainly for PVE and RUST is ranked as one of the most toxic games in the world. However, did you know the PVE elements in RUST, like their farming system and electricity mechanics, are far more advanced and intricate than any PVE game in the world?

I know a lot of 7 Days To Die players who pride themselves on the wiring of their base, making sure you can’t see the wires or the relays and enjoy creating a complex system. When it comes to cool PVE mechanics like that, RUST is hugely better and more complicated but more involved in a fun way. So we will recommend some of the best RUST PVE servers so you can enjoy the game without the toxicity and PVP.


What is a RUST PVE Server?

PVE stands for “Players Vs Environment”. If it’s one thing 7 Days To Die lacks, it’s a storyline and PVE content. You are mostly just surviving and preparing for each blood moon. However, thanks to the modding community, RUST PVE Servers have much more to them. The best RUST PVE Servers have $1,000 of mods installed, adding many features and events that happen hourly, so there is always something to do, something to fight and new custom content and map every wipe.

What Decides the Best RUST PVE Server?

Similar to how we decide on what we feel are the best 7 Days To Die Servers. We check out the quality of their servers for performance and lag. We also check out the toxicity level of the community and how active the Moderators and Admins are. There is also an element of the mods they have and use. The RUST modding community is one of the best since they are allowed to charge for them. So you know you are getting some well looked after and highly optimized mods, and you need a lot of mods for RUST PVE servers since there are no real enemies in RUST vanilla.

#1 Best RUST PVE Server – Salty Zombies

Salty Zombies are pretty much the only gaming communities that excel at hosting multiple games. Most of the Best RUST PVE servers only host RUST Servers. The same goes for the best of any game. It’s usually the only one they host. But Salty Zombies are not only #1 for RUST PVE Servers but for 7D2D, Conan and ARK PVE Clusters. They seem to be dominating multiple games at the same time.

The Salty Zombies RUST PVE Servers have a large server capacity and over $1,000 of premium, highly optimized mods, giving you a great experience with little to no bugs or issues. They have a very active and friendly community, not to mention an excellent team of Moderators and Admins that are practically always online. With a great ticket system in their Discord with a track record of answering tickets within minutes, its no wonder they are #1 in running multiple games.

Connection Info:

To connect to the RUST PVE Servers, you can either search Salty Zombies in the “modded” server section or you can press F1 when in the main RUST menu and copy/paste the connection IP and Port below:

USA PVE Server:


EU PVE Server:


Asia PVE Server:

Coming Soon

Server Features:

  • Daily Events
  • Zombies
  • Unique SZ Skins
  • Custom Maps
  • Premium Mods
  • Active Admins & Moderators
  • 24/7 support
  • Vote Rewards
  • Monthly Wipes
  • Purge

#2 Best RUST PVE Server – RUST Play PVE

RUST Play PVE has 2 types of PVE Servers, a pure PVE server and a PVPVE server where PVP and raiding are allowed in some regions of the map. RUST play PVE also has a ton of premium PVE mods since there isn’t much PVE Content in vanilla RUST. They have a lower Decay than usual, so you don’t have to spend your life farming for upkeep. They have a unique fishing mod and a chatbot that answers any questions.

Connection Info:

To connect to the RUST Play PVE Servers, search RUST Play in the “modded” server section or press F1 when in the main RUST menu and copy/paste the connection IP and Port below. We couldn’t find their Discord link on their website, but they have a Steam Group.

USA PVE Server:




Server Features:

  • Lower Decay
  • Custom Mods
  • Active Moderators
  • Daily Reboots
  • Vote Rewards
  • Forced Wipes

#3 Best RUST PVE Server – RUST EZ

RUST EZ has multiple PVE Servers, Pure, Scourge and Survival. Pure PVE is just a straight-up vanilla version of RUST but PVE, so there is no raiding or killing. The Scourge and Survival versions have mods to add more content and features to enhance gameplay. One of the unique features of RUST EZ PVE Servers is the decay has been completely removed.

Connection Info:

To connect to the RUST EZ PVE Servers, it would be better if you join their Discord since they have multiple RUST PVE Servers in Multiple Locations.

Server Features:

  • No Decay
  • Premium Mods
  • Active Admins
  • Pipes Plugin
  • Vote Rewards
  • Monthly Wipes
  • No Purge

#4 Best RUST PVE Server – RUST Empires RP

RP stands for Roleplay, and the RUST Empires PVE servers had this down pat. They have a village system that you and your friends can use to claim some land and build a large base or complex. You can set up shops and trading outposts, which is common in RUST PVE servers. But RUST Empires adds a unique twist. You can wage war on another village or clan, or people.

Connection Info:

We couldn’t find any connection links or information on the IP/Port on their website. So we recommend joining their Discord if you want to know how to connect to the RUST Empires PVE Servers.

Server Features:

  • Village System
  • Premium Mods
  • Active Admins
  • Clan Wars
  • Bounty
  • Monthly Wipes
  • Purge

#5 Best RUST PVE Server – Zombie Land

Zombieland’s RUST PVE Server has a strict no-toxicity policy, so if you can’t take a joke or you are a bit of a snowflake, this is definitely the server for you. They have custom maps that the admin team have built themselves, and they have a no pay to win policy. All items and perks in the game can be obtained by grinding out a ton of hours on the server. They have a few variations of PVE server, Outbreak, Infection, Utopia and Terminus. You can check their website to see the various differences.

Connection Info:

You can connect to the RUST Zombieland PVE Servers by searching Zombieland in the “modded” server section or by pressing F1 when in the main RUST menu and copying/pasting the connection IP and Port below:

Terminus: connect

Utopia: connect

Infection: connect

Outbreak: connect

Server Features:

  • Zero Toxicity Policy
  • Unique Maps
  • Active Community
  • Build Server
  • Clan Wars
  • Bi-Weekly Wipes
  • Purge

Final Thoughts

Essentially, each of the Best RUST PVE servers offers something unique that could make or break for you. But for the most part, they all have high-end dedicated servers. They all buy the same if not similar, premium mods. The difference is how they use them and how you feel about the community. A new RUST PVE Server is opening up daily, and 99.9% never last more than a few months. The competition is high, but if more RUST PVE Servers catch our eye, we will surely add them to the list.

7 Days To Die Feral Wight

7 Days To Die Feral Wight

7 Days To Die Feral Wight

7 Days To Die Feral Wight

Feral Wight

Item ID:
Zombie Type
Loot Container

Hostile NPCs
Feral, Radiated


HP (Normal)
HP (Feral)
HP (Radiated)
HP (Legendary)


The Feral Wight zombie is quite the mean bugger to come across in the 7 Days 2 Die world. This one is a special zombie type that you will usually encounter in the more advanced stage hordes. If you’re unlucky enough you can also find them in Wasteland cities, caves and Army Bases.

You have to watch out for this zombie type because they can run at you even during the daytime! These zombies are also much stronger and taller than regular zombies. So they are not so easy to take down and can cause you a lot of damage in return.

Another threat they pose because of their strength is the ability to also destroy your structures. The Feral Wight zombie will go at your walls and other structure with such ferociousness that they will take it down in no time. That is why if you are planning on making your base in the wastelands, then you better arm yourself well because your fort may not hold for long!

Feral Wight: Locations

Wasteland-biome, Blood Moon hordes, Military and Government Installations, any POI at higher gamestage

Feral Wight: Hit Points

As we mentioned above, this zombie does not go down easily and can hit back hard. It has 532 Hit Points. But that is just the regular Feral Wight. On the other hand, the Feral & Radiated version of this zombie type has 1010  Hit Points.

Feral Wight: Drop Loot

If you are lucky, then when you kill a Feral Wight zombie you will get a dropped loot. And that is a very good news because as hard as they are to take down, the feral wights tend to drop the good stuff!

In the dropped loot you have a chance to get your hands on high-quality weapon parts, weapon schematics or military gear. And if you are very lucky indeed, then you might even get a fully assembled SMG or Sniper Rifle.


Feral Wight: Combat

From all that we’ve mentioned so far, it should be pretty clear that you have to be careful when getting into a combative situation with a Feral Wight. With their ability to run at you any time regardless of day & night, along with their high health and attack power, they can easily kill you if don’t watch out. 

Their attack power is almost as high as that of Bears. And as with Bears, you don’t want to get into a close-combat situation. It is way smarter and safer to kill them from a distance. Preferably using some powerful weapon like the Sniper or Hunting Rifle. These weapons have the chance of taking down the Feral Wight In a single shot and you don’t run the risk of having them run at you.

Another way to handle a Feral Wight menace is by using traps. This is especially useful if your base tends to get visited by the feral wights, such as in the wastelands. You can set up spike traps that can injure the wights and turn them into crawlers giving you a pretty big advantage over them. However, keep in mind that the feral wights have a longer arm reach than regular zombies. So me careful getting too close to them using a melee weapon.


  • Feral Wight Zombies are like the Fallen Soldier zombie except that the wights are not wearing military armour.
  • Feral Wights will always run even if you have enabled “Never Run” in settings.
  • After Day 28, Feral WIghts can be spawned by a screamer.
  • Feral wight zombies tend to appear more in the late-stage hordes than early in the game.

7 Days To Die Mushrooms

7 Days To Die Mushrooms

7 Days To Die Mushrooms

Table Of Contents

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Mushrooms are a food item that can come in handy when hunger strikes! You can get this food source by harvesting them. Additionally, this item also comes in handy in crafting Antibiotics that can help cure infections. Shrooms can be commonly found in the Caves. You can also craft its spore seeds which can be used to plant and grow your own shrooms.

7 Days To Die Mushrooms


Item ID:
Obtain Through

Farming, Looting, Trading

Consumption Effects

Effect on Fullness
Effect on Hydration



Characteristic Properties
Max Stack 125
Base Price 10
Scrapping/Forging Properties
Meltable - No
Combustible - No
Scrappable - No
Farming Properties
Seed used - Mushroom Spore Seed

Uses Of Mushrooms In 7D2D:


This item is a required ingredient in order to craft the following recipes

Herbal Antibiotics
Mushroom Spore Seed x 1
Steak and Potato Meal
Vegetable Stew
Required Materials
Blueberries *5, Mushrooms *3, Chrysanthemum Flower *3, Nitrate Powder *3, Bottled Murky Water *1
Blueberries *2, Mushrooms *1, Chrysanthemum Flower *1, Nitrate Powder *1, Bottled Murky Water *1
Mushrooms *5, Clay Soil *2
Large Beef Ration *1, Can of Pasta *1, Mushrooms *1, Animal Fat *3, Bottled Water *1
Raw Meat *5, Potato *2, Mushrooms *2, Animal Fat *1
Potato *2, Ear of Corn *2, Mushrooms *2, Bottled Water *1
Chemistry Station

Cooking Pot

Cooking Pot
Cooking Grill
Cooking Pot
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00′ 37″
00′ 26″
01′ 07″
01′ 00″
00′ 55″


Master Chef
Master Chef
Master Chef



7 Days To Die Forge

7 Days To Die Forge


Item ID:
Sell Price:
Max Stack:
Hit Points:
No Sell Price

What do I do with a Forge in 7 Days To Die?

Once you obtain a Forge, it is used to refine materials into more useful things. A forge is how you will make your own Forged Iron and Forged Steel. Likewise, you can smelt down Clay, Scrap Iron, Brass, Sand and Lead. However, forging an item requires time, raw materials and fuel! You will also need a Crucible, Bellows and Anvil to make certain things inside the Forge and it also helps reduce craft speed inside the forge as well.

The forge is used by putting fuel below the tool cells. You can start the forge by using the on/off button or by just starting a new recipe. Note that the forge won’t turn off automatically unless all the fuel is burned off.

What can I make in a Forge?

You can make many things inside your Forge, such as:

  • Bullet tips
  • Bullet casings
  • Forged Iron
  • Forged Steel
  • Buckshot
  • Anvil
  • Cement
  • Glass Jar
  • Glass Block
  • Bulletproof Glass Block
  • Cooking Grill
  • Cooking Pot
  • Iron Bars
  • Iron Dart
  • Iron Frames
  • Rebar Frames
  • Nails

7 Days to Die Wrench


Item ID:640
Sell Price:5
Max Stack:10


Beakers have a few different uses in 7 Days to Die, mainly used to make a chemistry station but you will need to put into a campfire to make antibiotics and grain alcohol until then.

  • Chemistry Station – 1x Beaker, 100x Forged Iron, 3x Cooking Pot, 30x Short Iron Pipe, x5 Bottle Of Acid

These recipes require a Beaker to be inserted inside of a Campfire to Craft

  • Antibiotics – 4x Moldy Bread, 3x Nitrate Powder, 1x Bottled Water
  • Grain Alcohol – 1x Bottled Water, 3x Corn Meal

Where Can I Find a Beaker?

The best place to search for Beakers is inside Pop n Pills or inside destroyed chemistry stations. A Beaker can NOT be crafted, it is only lootable and can be smelted down into glass inside a Forge


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  • List of mods on your server?
  • Anything extra to add?

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