7 Days To Die Oil Shale


oil shale
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7 Days To Die Oil Shale is a resource that can ONLY be found in the desert biome. You will not find this anywhere other than the desert, unlike the other resources that can be found in any biome. When you mine oil deposits, the oil shale will be added to your inventory. It is not hard to spot with its purple hue and brushed appearance. On higher graphic settings, it will appear shiny as well.

What is 7 Days To Die Oil Shale used for?

You need this in order to make Gas and Oil in 7 Days to Die. In order to make Gas, you will need a Chemistry Station and the grease monkey perk to make bulk gas.

  • Gas – 1x Oil Shale
  • Oil – 25x Oil Shale, 1x empty can
  • Asphalt – 5x Oil Shale, 17x Small Stone, 8x Crushed Sand
7 Days To Die Oil Shale

Where to find it?

You can find this resource in the stone layer beneath the dessert by digging in about 20 blocks. You can also get this resource from dessert caves. Keep in mind that this resource is collected in large quantities in your inventory. So, make sure you have some free space in your inventory since 100 units of this resource are added to it every time you mine successfully.

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