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Perk Books are a very important game mechanism in 7 Days To Die. If you use them correctly as part of your game strategy then you can advance much faster in the game. This is because, just as the name suggests, you get certain perks for reading the perk Books in the form of improved skills that help you survive better in 7D2D.

The perk books are spread all over the 7D2D world. One of the most common ways to get a perk book is through looting. Make sure to check those bookshelves. And what better place to loot than bookstores! So keep an eye out for Crack-A-Book if you are hunting for perk books. Sometimes you can buy perk books from traders.

The perk books are divided into different themes. Overall there are 19 such book series with each series having a different theme. Each series has 7 volumes in total.

The Different Types Of Perk Books In 7D2D:

  1. Needle & Thread
  2. The Hunter’s Journal
  3. The Art Of Mining
  4. Spear Hunter
  5. Ranger’s Guide To Archery
  6. Batter Up!
  7. Bar Brawler
  8. Urban Combat
  9. The Fireman’s Almanac
  10. Pistol Pete
  11. The Automatic Weapons Handbook
  12. Shotgun Messiah
  13. Magnum Enforcer
  14. Sniper
  15. Lucky Looter
  16. The Great Heist
  17. Wasteland Treasures
  18. Tech Junkie
  19. The Night Stalker

Every time you read a volume you will permanently unlock a perk that matches the book theme. Reading all 7 volumes from the series will unlock an additional special perk. Given below are the 19 Perk Books in detail along with it 7 Volumes and the perks each volume unlocks.

The 19 Perk Books Series In 7D2D

1. Needle & Thread

“From head to toe, we’ve got you covered. Each edition specializes in high-quality clothing designs for the home sewing enthusiast”

Clothing is an important part of not just basic but advanced survival as well. Apart from protection against general weather conditions, clothing also affects agility, stealth, storage space and even protection from enemy attacks. Each of the different volumes in the Needle & Thread Perk Books Series helps you craft clothing with different uses.

Reading all the 7 volumes in this series will unlock Military Clothing crafting skills.

Vol. 1Needle & Thread: Winter WearSew flannel shirts, sweatshirts, and skull caps
Vol. 2Needle & Thread: LegwearSew your own denim jeans, skirts, and overalls
Vol. 3Needle & Thread: FootwearCraft your own shoes and boots
Vol. 4Needle & Thread: Desert WearSew your own shorts, tank tops, and T-Shirts
Vol. 5Needle & Thread: DustersCraft leather dusters
Vol. 6Needle & Thread: Puffer CoatsSew your own puffer coat
Vol. 7Needle & Thread: PocketsLearn how to sew pocket mods
FinalMilitary ClothingYou can craft military clothing

2. The Hunter’s Journal

“Learn tips from the best hunters in the world and techniques for hunting all kinds of wildlife.”

Food, needless to say, is the most important part of survival. Meat is a very nourishing food source, especially when combined with equally good cooking skills! Hunting is how you can obtain some meat! The Hunter’s Journal unlocks perks that help you become a better hunter. Additionally, reading all 7 volumes in this series will improve your meat, bone and leather harvesting skills as well!

Vol. 1The Hunter’s Journal: BearsDo 10% more damage to bears
Vol. 2The Hunter’s Journal: WolvesDo 10% more damage to wolves
Vol. 3The Hunter’s Journal: CoyotesDo 10% more damage against coyotes
Vol. 4The Hunter’s Journal: Mountain LionsDo 10% more damage against mountain lions
Vol. 5The Hunter’s Journal: DeerDo 10% more damage against deer
Vol. 6The Hunter’s Journal: VulturesDo 10% more damage to vultures
Vol. 7The Hunter’s Journal: Self DefenseDo 10% more damage to humans
FinalHarvestingHarvest more bones, meat, and leather from animals.


3. The Art of Mining

“The Art of Mining: Learn from the original Miner 69’r Herb ‘Cackler’ Dugall and show all the Johnny Newcomes out there who can crack rock the fastest.”

Building anything in the 7D2D world will require natural resources like stones, lead, iron etc. These are required for making basic stuff such as a cobblestone for building shelter to more advanced tools that will require lots of iron etc. As the game progresses you will need large amounts of these resources and the best way to get them is through mining.

The 7 volumes from the Art of Mining Perk Books will help you get the most out of your mining activities.

Vol. 1The Art of Mining: Lucky StrikeAdds a small chance to mine rare gems from ore
Vol. 2The Art of Mining: Diamond ToolsYou can craft diamond-tipped blade mods for tools that dramatically increase durability
Vol. 3The Art of Mining: CoffeeHarvest 10% more ore when buzzed from coffee
Vol. 4The Art of Mining: BlackstrapCan craft blackstrap, a super-strong coffee
Vol. 5The Art of Mining: PalletsYou can craft basic resources like ore into compact stacks
Vol. 6The Art of Mining: AvalancheTake 50% less damage from collapsing mines
Vol. 7The Art of Mining: LanternsLearn how to craft lanterns, mining hats, and helmet light mods
FinalOne-ShotHave a 20% chance to one-shot any ore

4. Spear Hunter

“Connect with your inner caveman and master the forgotten art of spear hunting.”

The spear is one of the first weapons you will craft in the 7 Days To Die World. Reading this perk books series will not just help you become a master spear hunter, it will also enable you to craft better and stronger spears. Reading all the 7 volumes will increase the damage your power attack does on downed targets.

Vol. 1Spear Hunter: DamageDo 10% more damage with spears
Vol. 2Spear Hunter: MaintenanceSpears degrade 20% slower
Vol. 3Spear Hunter: Steel SpearsCan craft steel spears
Vol. 4Spear Hunter: Strong ArmIncrease projectile speed and range by 15%
Vol. 5Spear Hunter: Rapid StrikeIncrease attack speed by 10%
Vol. 6Spear Hunter: Punctured LungsThrown spears can slow the target
Vol. 7Spear Hunter: Deadly ComboHits scored in quick succession deal more damage
FinalKill MovePower attacks do more damage to downed targets

5. Ranger’s Guide to Archery

“Master every aspect of archery from bows to crossbows with this comprehensive set of books.”

One of the first ranged weapons you will get your hands on is the Bow & Arrow. However that does not mean it’s not a strong enough weapon, you just need to improve your archery skills. Reading the Ranger’s Guide To Archery perk books will help improve your archery skills as well as enable you to craft stronger arrowheads and bows such as the Steel Crossbow.

Reading all the 7 volumes in this series will enable you to craft arrows & bolts in bulk.

Vol. 1Ranger’s Guide to Archery: Arrow RecoveryCan retrieve 20% more arrows
Vol. 2Ranger’s Guide to Archery: Exploding ArrowsCraft exploding arrows and crossbow bolts
Vol. 3Ranger’s Guide to Archery: Crippling ShotLeg shots slow your opponent
Vol. 4Ranger’s Guide to Archery: Armor Piercing ArrowsCraft armour-piercing steel arrows
Vol. 5Ranger’s Guide to Archery: Flaming ArrowsCraft flaming arrows and crossbow bolts
Vol. 6Ranger’s Guide to Archery: MaintenanceBows degrade 20% slower
Vol. 7Ranger’s Guide to Archery: KnockdownSneak attacks have a 20% greater chance of knockdown
FinalBulkBulk craft all types of arrows and bolts

6. Bar Brawler

“Learn from Irish legend “Lucky Bastard” himself and never get bested in a good ol’ fashioned barroom brawl.”

If you’re more of a melee fighter, then the Bar Brawler Perk Books series is what you are looking for. Reading the different volumes of this series will help you to deal as well as take a lot more damage. If you read all 7 volumes then you have the stand of landing a power attack!

Vol. 1Bar Brawling: Basic MovesDeal 10% more damage with fists
Vol. 2Bar Brawling: Drop a BombSprinting power attacks can knock down your opponent
Vol. 3Bar Brawling: Killer InstinctGain 5% more damage with each kill, up to 15%
Vol. 4Bar Brawling: Finishing MovesDo extra damage to knocked down or stunned enemies
Vol. 5Bar Brawling: Adrenaline HealingRecover health in combat with every punch
Vol. 6Bar Brawling: Rage ModeAttack and move faster after getting hit
Vol. 7Bar Brawling: Boozed UpDrinking beer no longer blurs your vision
FinalThe 7th CurseThe 7th unarmed strike landed in a short time does 300% damage


7. Batter Up!

“Learn how to swing a bat and knock those balls out of park”

Sometimes fists just aren’t enough to knock some sense into these zombies. Sometimes you need to do the talking with a club! Well, then the Batter Up perk books series will do just the trick. Just as the name suggests, you get the better with a bat or club – craft stronger clubs & deal more damage! Additionally reading all 7 volumes gives you a special perk on dealing with power attacks!

Vol. 1Batter Up!: Big HitsDo 10% more damage with clubs
Vol. 2Batter Up!: GearCraft baseball hats and letter jackets. Take 5% less damage when wearing them
Vol. 3Batter Up!: Hit and RunPower attacks to the legs slow enemies
Vol. 4Batter Up!: Knock DownPower attacks increase the chance of knockdown
Vol. 5Batter Up!: MaintenanceBats and clubs degrade 20% slower
Vol. 6Batter Up!: BatsYou can craft Steel Clubs
Vol. 7Batter Up!: ConditioningYou can craft chain mods for bats and clubs
FinalHome RunPower attacks that kill your enemy refill your stamina meter

8. Urban Combat

“Learn from the best tactical and military experts to become an Urban Killing machine.”

As your game progresses, it is no longer enough to just stick to raw survival tactics especially when dealing with the enemy. The Urban Combat Perk Book series give you skills that help you combat better and smarter in the 7 Days To Die world.

Vol. 1Urban Combat: Military Stealth BootsCraft military stealth boots
Vol. 2Urban Combat: CigarsCraft cigars and look cool like a sexual tyrannosaurus
Vol. 3Urban Combat: SneakingSneaking over trash makes no sound
Vol. 4Urban Combat: JumpingSneak landing make less sound and sneak jump height is not reduced
Vol. 5Urban Combat: Land MinesLand mines won’t detonate when stepped on
Vol. 6Urban Combat: Armor Adrenaline RushArmour doesn’t slow you down when in combat
Vol. 7Urban Combat: Room ClearingTake 5%less damage and deal 10% more damage when indoors
FinalThe SilencerSilencers have no damage penalty

9. The Fireman’s Almanac

“Learn all about firemen and fire fighting techniques”

Fire is without a doubt one of the most important tools in order to survive. Reading the Fireman’s Almanac perk book series will help you get better at, well handling fire in all forms! It also decreases your chances of being damaged by fire. Reading all the 7 volumes in this series will give you special powers in the burnt forest!

Vol. 1The Fireman’s Almanac: ConditioningAdd 10% hyperthermal protection
Vol. 2The Fireman’s Almanac: ModsCraft the fireman’s axe mod
Vol. 3The Fireman’s Almanac: SpeedIncrease attack speed with axes 5%
Vol. 4The Fireman’s Almanac: Fire with FireFire-based weapons burn 10% longer
Vol. 5The Fireman’s Almanac: PreventionReduced chance to be lit on fire by 25%
Vol. 6The Fireman’s Almanac: Search and RescueDo 10% more damage to coal and burnt wood
Vol. 7The Fireman’s Almanac: GearCraft firemen helmets and take 5% less damage
FinalFire AdrenalineSprint longer and never encumbered in the burnt forest


10. Pistol Pete

“Pistol Pete is the 9mm handgun enthusiast’s one-stop-shop to learn about pistols and submachine guns.”

Well, sometimes you need to put some distance between you and the enemy, especially against the stronger ones and zombie hordes.  Pistols are great ranged weapons to start off with. By reading through the Pistol Pete Perk Book series you get much better at using Pistols and can even turn it into an effective advanced game weapon!


Vol. 1Pistol Pete: Take Aim9mm weapons have 20% more range when sighted
Vol. 2Pistol Pete: Swiss KneesEach successive leg shot increases the chance to cripple
Vol. 3Pistol Pete: Steady HandMore accurate when rapid firing 9mm weapons
Vol. 4Pistol Pete: MaintenancePistols and SMG degrade 20% slower
Vol. 5Pistol Pete: Hollow Point AmmunitionYou can craft HP 9mm ammunition
Vol. 6Pistol Pete: Armor Piercing AmmunitionCraft AP 9mm ammunition
Vol. 7Pistol Pete: Maximum DamageInflict 10% more damage with 9mm weapons
FinalPowder BurnsShots fired at point-blank ignore armour. Bulk craft 9mm ammunition

11. The Automatic Weapon Handbook

“Learn from top military expert Leonard ‘Sarge’ Barton how to shoot, maintain, and maximize your skill with 7.62mm automatic weapons.”

Even with a firearm, firing single bullets can be inadequate especially when enemy groups such as a zombie horde. What you need in such a case is to spray the enemy group with bullets. Automatic weapons are the way to go here. Reading the Automatic Weapon Handbook Perk book will improve your skills with an automatic weapon. Reading all the 7 volumes from this series will give you an additional speed bonus.

Vol. 1

The Automatic Weapon Handbook: Damage

Automatic weapons do 10% more damage

Vol. 2

The Automatic Weapon Handbook: Uncontrolled Burst

Fully automatic mode does 1% more damage per hit

Vol. 3

The Automatic Weapon Handbook: Maintenance

Automatic weapons have 20% less degradation

Vol. 4

The Automatic Weapon Handbook: Drum Magazines

You can craft drum magazine mods for automatic weapons

Vol. 5

The Automatic Weapon Handbook: Recoil

Fully automatic fire is more accurate with each shot fired

Vol. 6

The Automatic Weapon Handbook: Ragdoll

Fully automatic mode has an increasing chance to ragdoll an enemy with each hit

Vol. 7

The Automatic Weapon Handbook: Machine Guns

Craft M60 Machine Guns


Offensive Strike

Each kill boosts your run speed by 20% for 20 seconds

12. Shotgun Messiah

“Shotgun Messiah is your one-stop shop to buy and learn all about shotguns. Learn to shoot, maintain, and craft your own ammunition.”

There ain’t nothing sweeter than getting a chance to blow away an enemy zombie, and a shotgun is just the weapon to do it with! If that is your thing, then read the Shotgun Messiah Perk book series and become an expert in Shotgun usage – Do more damage, craft better shotguns and maintain them better. Reading all the 7 volumes here will give you a power bonus against wooden blocks.

Vol. 1

Shotgun Messiah: Damage

Shotguns do 10% more damage

Vol. 2

Shotgun Messiah: Breaching Ammunition

Craft breaching ammunition used to breach security

Vol. 3

Shotgun Messiah: Limb Shot

Targets within 3 meters have a high dismember chance

Vol. 4

Shotgun Messiah: Shotgun Slugs

You can craft shotgun slugs

Vol. 5

Shotgun Messiah: Maintenance

Shotguns degrade 20% slower

Vol. 6

Shotgun Messiah: Magazine Mods

You can craft shotgun magazine tube mods

Vol. 7

Shotgun Messiah: Party Starter

Targets with full health take 20% more damage



You can one-shot most woodblocks. Bulk craft all shotgun ammo.

13. Magnum Enforcer

“An autobiography about a .44 Magnum wielding cop with an attitude. Learn how ‘Filthy Harry Calasham’ handled all the dirty jobs with his .44 Magnum.”

Want to blow away your enemies but don’t want to carry something too big? Well, then you should consider the king of the handguns, a .44 Magnum! This little thing will send your enemy flying away if shoot him at close range! Read the Magnum Enforcer perk book series and make the most out of a .44 magnum. 

Vol. 1

Magnum Enforcer: Damage

Do 10% more damage with magnums

Vol. 2

Magnum Enforcer: Apparel

Take 5% less damage when wearing a suit

Vol. 3

Magnum Enforcer: Unlucky Punks

The last shot in the chamber does double damage

Vol. 4

Magnum Enforcer: Intimidation

Bartering with a magnum drawn gives you a 5% better deal

Vol. 5

Magnum Enforcer: Armor Piercing Ammunition

You can craft AP .44 Magnum ammunition

Vol. 6

Magnum Enforcer: Hollow Point Ammunition

You can craft HP .44 Magnum ammunition

Vol. 7

Magnum Enforcer: Criminal Pursuit

Sprinting with a magnum in combat uses 20% less stamina



Shots from magnums penetrate enemies. Bulk Craft ammo


14. Sniper

“Learn from ex-special forces veteran ‘Slick Willy’ all the tactics and techniques of becoming an elite sniper.”

If you’re more of a stealth fighter then the Sniper will surely be of interest to you! In that case, read up on the Sniper Perk Book series. By reading the different volumes of this series you will become better at taking out your enemies from a distance.

Vol. 1

Sniper: Damage

Weapons do 10% more damage when using a scope

Vol. 2

Sniper: Crippling Shot

Leg shots cripple all but the strongest enemies and have a chance to dismember

Vol. 3

Sniper: Head Shot

Headshots have a chance to stun and a greater chance to dismember

Vol. 4

Sniper: Unknown

Reload 10% faster with rifles

Vol. 5

Sniper: Controlled Breathing

Zooming uses less stamina

Vol. 6

Sniper: Armor Piercing Ammunition

Craft AP 7.62mm ammunition

Vol. 7

Sniper: Hollow Point Ammunition

Craft HP 7.62mm ammunition



You can craft a ghillie suit. Bulk craft all 7.62mm ammo

15. Lucky Looter

“Ever feel like your luck is just bad? This book series will turn it all around for you and you’ll be the envy of the neighbourhood and legend at the pub. Whatever you find you’ll make more of.”

No matter what the strategy lovers say, luck always plays a role when it comes to survival. Great luck can help you advance through the game much faster. And if you want to have all the good luck you can get then you better read up on the Lucky Looter perk book series. Check out below how the different volumes of this series improve your luck in the 7D2D world.

Vol. 1

Lucky Looter: Dukes

Find more dukes coins in loot

Vol. 2

Lucky Looter: Ammunition

Find more ammunition in loot

Vol. 3

Lucky Looter: Brass

Find more brass in loot

Vol. 4

Lucky Looter: Lead

Find more lead in loot

Vol. 5

Lucky Looter: Junk

Find more junk in loot

Vol. 6

Lucky Looter: Food

Find more food in loot

Vol. 7

Lucky Looter: Medical Supplies

Find more medical supplies in loot


Lucky Bastard

Enemies have a higher chance (20%) to drop loot

16. The Great Heist

“This book series explains in detail how various thieves pulled off the greatest heists of all time.”

Looting is very important gameplay that helps you survive in the 7 Days To Die world. Reading the Great Heist perk book series will make you much better at looting. This means that you can become at sneaking in, breaking into the safes etc and getting out! Reading all the 7 volumes will vastly improve your lock picking skills.

Vol. 1

The Great Heist: Safes

Do 10% more damage to safes

Vol. 2

The Great Heist: Gems

Find more jewellery and precious gems

Vol. 3

The Great Heist: Timed Charge

Learn how to craft timed charges

Vol. 4

The Great Heist: Claimed

Do 20% more damage to land claimed property

Vol. 5

The Great Heist: Adrenaline Fall

Fall great distances!

Vol. 6

The Great Heist: Stealthy Sprinting

Use no stamina while sneak sprinting

Vol. 7

The Great Heist: Motion Detection

Sneak past motion detection devices


Lock Picking

Learn how to craft lock picks, break into locks 20% faster, and have a 10% lower chance to break your lock pick


17. Wasteland Treasures

“These are my handwritten notes on all the tips I’ve learned since the bombs fell and the dead rose on how to survive. I hope they help you how they have helped me. Peace be with you friend.”

The 7 Days To Die World is very vast and you need all sorts of resources to survive. In this world, resources are like treasure and there are plenty of treasures scattered all over the Wastelands. Reading the Wasteland Treasures perk book series helps you get your hand on this treasure.

Vol. 1

Wasteland Treasures: Honey

Adds a small chance to harvest honey from trees

Vol. 2

Wasteland Treasures: Coffins

Harvest coffins for bones, jewellery, and precious gems

Vol. 3

Wasteland Treasures: Acid

Adds a chance to harvest acid from cars and medical equipment

Vol. 4

Wasteland Treasures: Water

Purify pure mineral water, the tastiest water in the wasteland

Vol. 5

Wasteland Treasures: Door Knobs

Harvest door knobs from most doors

Vol. 6

Wasteland Treasures: Weaving

Learn to weave plant fibres into cloth

Vol. 7

Wasteland Treasures: Sinks

Harvest more lead and brass from sinks


Military Fibers

Harvest military fibres from barracks chairs and military trucks

18. Tech Junkie

“Learn from MacDyver himself to build useful gadgets from common household junk!”

In the advanced stages, you really need to up your game and have some advanced weapons in order to take down difficult enemies. And what’s more advanced than Robotic weapons in a zombie apocalyptic world! Reading through the Tech Junkie Perk book series will help you craft robotic weapons and ammo.

Vol. 1

Tech Junkie: Robotic Damage

Do 10% more damage with robotic weapons

Vol. 2

Tech Junkie: Maintenance

Robotic weapons and stun batons degrade 20% slower

Vol. 3

Tech Junkie: AP Robotic Turret Ammo

Can craft AP robotic turret ammo

Vol. 4

Tech Junkie: Robotic Turret Shells

Craft robotic turret shells

Vol. 5

Tech Junkie: Stun Repulsor Mod

Craft Stun repulsor mods

Vol. 6

Tech Junkie: Charged Strike

Improved stun baton charging

Vol. 7

Tech Junkie: Hydraulics

Increase fire rate of robotic weapons by 10%


Robotic Ammo Bulk Crafting

Bulk craft all robotic turret ammo

19. The Night Stalker

“From dusk to dawn become one with the shadows utilizing stealth and subterfuge to become the ultimate assassin.”

In the 7 Days To Die world, nighttime means terror time. What better way to own the game and also quickly level up by taking on the zombies at night! Reading the Night Stalker Perk book series will help you do more damage at night. Reading all the 7 volumes from this series will give you an additional sneak damage bonus.

Vol. 1

The Night Stalker: Stealth

Do 10% more sneak damage at night

Vol. 2

The Night Stalker: Silent Night

Sneak 5% better at night

Vol. 3

The Night Stalker: Blades

Bladed weapons do 10% more damage at night

Vol. 4

The Night Stalker: Thief Adrenaline

Never encumbered at night

Vol. 5

The Night Stalker: Archery

Bows do 10% more damage at night

Vol. 6

The Night Stalker: Twilight Thief

Gain 5% more XP from kills at night

Vol. 7

The Night Stalker: Slumber Party

Do an extra 50% sneak damage to sleeping victims at night



Sneak attacks with knives deal 200% extra damage at night


If you want to survive and advance through 7 Days To Die then you must work on your skills strategy. Perk books are a great way to help with that strategy and take your skills and attribute to the next level.

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