7 Days To Die Pistol


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Max Stack:1

7 Days To Die Pistol


The pistol is a very handy short-medium range weapon. It uses 9mm Rounds and has a magazine capacity of 15 bullets. If you got the right ammunition with you, the pistol will reload automatically or you can also manually reload by pressing R.

This semi-automatic handgun can be found around the 7 Days To Die world by looting Toilets, Containers, Loot Bags, Guns Safes and Weapons Bag. You can also buy it from a Trader or craft it by collecting all the required items.

Combat Using Pistol

The Pistol is a very effective weapon for dealing with groups of zombies in 7 Days To Die. The decent-sized magazine can be further increased by adding a Magazine Extender Mod. Normal zombies can be killed with 2 bullets to the head while a Bloated Walker Zombie takes 3 bullets.

You can even try stealth combat since the pistol has a short 15 meters noise range. If other zombies are not nearby you can try a sneak attack and take out zombies with headshots. The pistol can be made into an even more lethal weapon by adding some of the mods mentioned below.

Weapon PropertiesCharacteristic PropertiesScrapping/Forging Properties
Entity Damage32
Durability (Min Quality)250ScrapableYes
Block Damage7
Durability (Max Quality)450Scraps IntoHandgun Parts
Effective Range18Degradation per Use1MeltableNo
Rounds per Minute180Compatible ModsPistol, Barrel, Side, Small Top, Magazine, Firing ModeCombustibleNo
Reload Time2.5sRepaired UsingRepair Kit  
Ammo Type9mm Bullet
9mm Bullet (AP)
9mm Bullet (HP)
Base Price>500  
Magazine Size18Max Stack1  
Damage Multiplier: Earth0.2    
Damage Multiplier: Wood3    
Butcher ToolNo    
Disassemble ToolNo    


Crafting A Pistol

The Following items are required to craft a Pistol in 7 Days 2 Die:

  • 4x Handgun Parts
  • 10x Forged Iron
  • 2x Duct Tape
  • 5x Scrap Polymers
  • 2x Spring
WorkbenchPistol Schematic / Gun Slinger Level 1


The above-mentioned items list will help you craft a pistol of quality level 1. As you increase your GUn Slinger Perk you can craft higher quality Pistols. The item requirement for higher quality Pistols are as follows:

 Quality 1Quality 2Quality 3Quality 4Quality 5
Handgun Parts4681012
Forged Iron1015202530
Duct Tape23456
Scrap Polymers57101215


Pistol Repair

Pistols eventually wear out with every use. At some point it becomes dysfunctional and you cannot use it anymore. You need a Repair Kit to fix a worn-out pistol. How fast a pistol in 7 Days To Die degrades depends on its quality. The higher the quality the longer it will last without you having to prepare it.

Pistol Scrapping 

When you scrap a pistol, you get three handgun parts. These are vital parts for when you want to craft your own pistol in 7 days to die. The higher your skill level in using a pistol the higher quality pistol you can craft. But the higher the quality the more handgun parts you will need to craft a pistol.

Weapon Modifications: Pistol Mods

Barrel Extender ModIncreases damage, range, and aimed accuracy. Decreases hip-fire accuracy.
Muzzle Brake ModReduces recoil.
Silencer ModSuppresses firing sound. Reduces damage and range.
Laser Sight ModIncreases hip-fire accuracy and adds a laser sight to the weapon.
Weapon Flashlight ModAdds a flashlight to the weapon.
Scope 2x ModAdds a scope with 2x zoom.
Reflex Sight ModAdds a holographic dot sight with minor magnification.
Trigger Group: Semi ModCauses the weapon to fire semi-automatically.
Trigger Group: Burst ModCauses the weapon to fire in three-round bursts.
Trigger Group: Full Auto ModCauses the weapon to fire automatically. (no noticeable difference)
Rod and Spring ModIncreases rate of fire and recoil.
Magazine Extender ModIncreases magazine capacity by 15.
Cripple ‘Em ModAdds a 20% chance to cripple a leg on a bipedal target.
The Hunter ModIncreases damage against living beings.
Rad Remover ModDisable radiated zombie regeneration ability.


  1. Look out for the found in Toilets!
  2. Pistols can be used to destroy structures and blocks like any other weapon.
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