7 Days To Die Shotgun Messiah Factory

7 Days To Die Shotgun Messiah Factory

7 Days To Die Shotgun Messiah Factory

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Overview Of Shotgun Messiah Factory

If you are looking for arms and ammunition then what better place to loot than the Shotgun Messiah Factory! You must have already come across crates labelled Shotgun Messiah while looting some other place. Well now imagine looting the whole factory that it came from!

This factory can be found in Navesgane and is placed randomly in the Random World Generation. You can find Guns, bullets, parts and mods from the many crates scattered all over the factory.

Of course, mind you, you will have to deal with a whole load of zombies in the building. Depending on the player gamestage level, you might even have to deal with radioactive and feral zombies. So make sure you are well equipped before taking on this heist! The factory also contains Cupboards, cabinets, Beverage coolers and toilets that you can loot from. There will also be a Gun or wall safe in an office in the building.

The Shotgun Messiah Gun Store

Apart from the factory, there are also Shotgun Messiah Gun Stores that you can loot. Just like the factory, you can find Weapon crates, cabinets, cupboards, coolers, Gun or Wall Safe here to loot from. There are 4 such Gun Stores in Navesgane. They’re placed randomly in Random World Generation.

Random World Generation Locations

Depending upon your game name or Seed, the gun store can spawn anywhere. Generally, you can find them in the cities. Sometimes, they are even randomly placed by the road.


Prefabs are pre-built game objects. There are 2 such types of Shotgun Messiah Gun Stores


Large Shotgun Messiah Gun Store. Found only in cities.
Smaller Shotgun Messiah Gun Store. Found in cities as well as in towns or rural areas.


7 Days To Die Traders

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Traders are an important location point in 7 Days To Die. You can buy or sell various items here in exchange for the Duke’s Casino Tokens. The items that are available vary from trader to trader. However, they do restock their inventory from time to time. You can check this on the upper bar while interacting with the trader.

The traders also tend to have a “secret stash”, which is not shown under the “All” category. You need to select the “safe” icon, which opens the tab for the secret stash. You can then buy from any items in there. Also, Player Rentable Vending Machines can be found here.

Remember that the traders are open only from 6:05 am to 9:50 pm. They are marked as “Trader Bob” on the map. Their compound is made up of indestructible material which you, and more importantly, the zombies, cannot break. Still, it is possible to loot all the boxes and containers lying around in the trader’s property. It is even possible to pick up a furniture item like a bedroll.

This can be useful, especially early game since you can’t use the trader’s post for the base. Once the trader closes at night, you’ll be thrown out. And also, early game trader missions involve travelling to other nearby traders.

Random World Generation For Trader Locations:

Traders in 7 Days To Die randomly spawn around the world.

Traders Speciality

Traders tend to stock a variety of items in their inventory. However, each trader specializes in a particular item type. Their Trader’s inventory has more items belonging to their particular speciality. Here is a list of Traders in 7 Days To Die, along with their specialization:

Trader Name
Tools & Vehicles
Weapons & Ammo
Food & Seeds
Medical Supplies

Perks That Affect Traders

  • You can affect the item buy and sell price by using the Better Barter Perk.
  • It also helps to upgrade the Secret Stash of the Trader with better and even rare items.


  • Trader Bob’s Trading Post.
  •  Trader Hugh’s Trading Post.
  •  Trader Joel’s Trading Post.
  •  Trader Rekt’s Trading Post.
  •  Trader Jens’s Trading Post.

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