Rebar Frame

Max Stack:500
Hit Points:50
Horizontal Support120
Light Opacity:0

7 Days To Die Rebar Frame


Rebar Frames are a useful resource to build structures in the 7D2D world. The Rebar frame in itself is quite weak and has the strength level same as the wooden frame. However, it is quite expensive compared to the wood frame because of the resources required to craft it.

On the other hand, you can upgrade the Rebar Frame into a Reinforced concrete block. This makes the Rebar a valuable resource since the reinforced concrete is a very strong building material. Additionally, you can quite often find the Rebar frame in the dropped supply crates. You can also melt this item in a Forge to obtain iron.

Rebar Frame Varieties

Like the Wood Frame, this item too comes in multiple shapes. You can access the different shape properties by pressing and holding the ‘R’ button. All of the different shapes have the same durability. However, depending on the shape you may or may not be able to shoot through or walk upon them. One difference you should note is that the pillar can be upgraded directly in poured-concrete PIllar-100 and does not have to first become into Concrete form.

 Rebar Frames BlockYesNoYes
 Rebar Frames Inside CornerYesNoYes
 Rebar Frames Pillar 100YesNoYes
 Rebar Frames RampYesNoYes

Crafting Rebar Frames:

The following items are required in order to craft this item:

 5* IronCement Mixer
Clay1* Clay Soil



The Rebar Frame can be upgraded in 2 stages. In the first, you can upgrade this frame using wood into Concrete Form Mould. This form can then be further upgraded into Poured Concrete using Concrete Mix. Wet Poured Concrete once it dries, the wooden mould pops out and converts into Reinforced Concrete Blocks which is an extremely strong building material.

The table below shows the resources and time required for the various stages of upgrading a Rebar Frame:

Stage 1: Concrete FormWood x10
Stage 2: Poured / Wet ConcreteConcrete Mix x10
Stage 3: Reinforced ConcreteApproximately 15 Time units

Upgrade Process

You can upgrade the Rebar once you have the required materials mentioned above and are equipped with an upgrade tool such as the axe, claw hammer or nailgun. Then just right click on the rebar frame. As mentioned above, fully upgrading this item is a 2-stage process with an additional 3rd stage where you need to wait for the wet concrete to dry.

Note that until the upgrade process is completed, the required materials remain in your inventory.

Recipes Using Rebar Frame

This item is a required material in order to craft the following building materials:

 ItemRequired Materials
 Concrete Form BlocksRebar Frames *1, Wood *10
 Poured Reinforced Concrete BlocksRebar Frames *1, Concrete Mix *20


Since iron is one of the materials required to make a Rebar Frame, scrapping it will give you iron! In order to do so, you must put the Rebar frame into a forge and melt it. This process will get you 5 units of iron per Rebar frame

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