7D2D rotting flesh

Rotting Flesh

Item ID:386
Sell Price:No Sell Price
Max Stack:100

7 Days To Die Rotting Flesh

In 7D2D, Rotting Flesh tends to be one of the harder things to find as you can only harvest it from Zombie Dogs and Zombie Bears, and from Gore-Piles found scattered throughout POIs. In previous versions, you could get it from harvesting zombies but The Fun Pimps removed this feature in newer versions.

How to get Rotting Flesh?

In 7D2D, Rotting Flesh is obtained by using a knife or machete on dead Zombie Bears, dead Zombie Dogs or dead Zombie Vultures. These animals are mostly found in the Burnt Biome or the Wasteland Biome. Vultures can be found in the Desert Biome a lot of the time. Another way to obtain Rotting Flesh is by smacking Gore Piles with an Axe, which are found in POIs scattered throughout maps.

What is rotting flesh used for?

Rotting Flesh is mainly used to make Farm Plots but is an ingredient in several other crafting recipes

  • Farm Plot – 4x Wood, 10x Rotting Flesh, 25x Nitrate Powder, 100x Clay Soil
  • Can of Sham – 5x Empty Can, 5x Rotting Flesh, 5x Bone, 6x Animal Fat, 1x Acid
  • Fort Bites – 5x Blood Bag, 1x Grain Alcohol, 20x Rotting Flesh, 1x Vitamins
  • Hobo Stew – 10x Rotting Flesh, 2x Potato, 2x Ear of Corn, 1x Boiled Water, 1x Animal Fat
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