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Seeds are a primary requirement to do farming in 7 Days To Die. This is an essential activity that can ensure you have a sustainable supply of food and other resources to survive. Different plants and trees provide different types of resources and foods that give a varitity of bonuses to health and stamina. Hence, several varieties of trees and plants can grow as per your requirements using the correct seeds.


Tree Seeds

Trees are an excellent source for an essential resource – Wood. Of course, the amount of wood you get per tree depends on its type and size. To get the maximum amount of wood, you need to find a fully mature tree, i.e. durability of 1200. Mother Load Perk also affects the wood yield.

Trees can be harvested with your bare hands or any other tools. However, using tools is much more efficient. Harvesting a tree will also get you two tree seeds, which you can use to plant the same tree elsewhere.


PlantSeedRequires Crafting


In Realtime

Pine TreePine SeedsNo120 min
Blue Spruce TreeBlue Spruce SeedsNo120 min
Oak TreeOak SeedsNo120 min

Plant & Crop Seeds

There are different types of plants and crops that can provide various resources and food items. You can either buy the seeds for these plants by either buying them off traders or crafting them from the harvested plants. You can learn to craft seeds by unlocking the different Living Off The Land Perks levels. Levels 1 enables crafting flower seeds and level 2 enables crafting berries, veggies and mutated seeds.

Plants except for mushrooms can be planted only on farm plots. The Living Off The Land perk also affects your harvest yield amount. The table below gives details of different plant seeds and yield details.


PlantSeedRequiresCraftingGrowth time in RealtimeUnit Yield Using Living Off The Land (Perk)
Level 0Level 1 & 2Level 3
Yucca PlantYucca Seedyes120123
Super Corn PlantSuper Corn Seedyes180123
Potato PlantPotato Seedyes120123
Pumpkin PlantPumpkin Seedyes120123
MushroomMushroom Sporesyes180123
Hop PlantHop Seedyes120123
Goldenrod PlantGoldenrod Seedyes120123
Cotton PlantCotton Seedyes120123
Corn PlantCorn Seedyes180123
Coffee PlantCoffee Seedyes120123
Chrysanthemum PlantChrysanthemum Seedyes120123
Blueberry PlantBlueberry Seedyes120123
Aloe PlantAloe Seedyes120123



Those who have played 7 Days To Die since prior to Alpha 17 will also have seen Maple Trees. However, those have been discontinued since then.

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