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In order to survive in the 7 Days To Die world, you need a lot of skills. As the game advances you need to level up your different skills as well in order to keep up with the tougher enemies roaming about. The Skills Menu is where you can get an overall overview of the different skills that are available in the game.

The skills menu can be accessed by either pressing on the “N” key (default settings) or by clicking on the skills icon at the top of any other menu. From the Skills menu, you can check your character’s skill levels and perks, and also upgrade them as required if you have enough points for it.

Different Components Of The Skills Menu

In the Skills menu, there are basically two primary components. The left side contains the list of all the different skills & perks available to you in this game. You can filter out this list by clicking on the category/item icon. This will show only the skills/perks belonging to that category.

On the right side of this menu is the examine space. When you select any skill or perk, the details of that skill/perk are displayed in the examine space.

Using The Skills Menu

As mentioned above, once you spot the skill you like, you can select it by clicking on it in the left panel. The examine-space will display all details of that skill such as Description, cost, attributes and requirement for the next level.

You can even search for a specific skill/perk by entering it in the search field at the top. If you fulfil all requirements to level up, i.e. if you have enough points then you can upgrade your skills from this menu.

Note: You can earn points in the 7 Days To Die world by performing different actions, and by increasing player level. Once you have earned enough points you can use to upgrade any skill that your character is eligible for.


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