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7 Days To Die Sniper Rifle


The Sniper Rifle in 7 Days To Die is a very powerful ranged weapon. Add on a scope mod and you can take down zombies with a clean headshot! You can get this weapon by looting through Shotgun Messiah Crates, Supply Crates & Munition Boxes. You can also buy it off a trader if it’s in stock. It is also possible to craft a Sniper Rifle using the necessary materials and perk or by reading its Schematic.

Combat Using Sniper Rifle

Combat using the Sniper Rifle can be a lot of fun especially if you are hunting from a distance. This long-range weapon can take down even the tougher zombie types with a clean headshot. This ranged weapon causes significant damage from a distance, but it is powerful enough to take down enemies at close range too. 

Unlike the Marksman Rifle which has a single-round, this one has 13 rounds so you can take down enemies without reloading. It uses the 7.62mm bullets and will reload automatically if you have the ammo. You can also manually reload at any time by pressing ‘R’


The following items are required to craft this ranged weapon in 7 Days 2 Die:




 6* Rifle Parts


Sniper Rifle Schematic

 30* Forged Steel
 10* Duct Tape
 40* Scrap Polymers
 12* Spring


The recipe mentioned above lets you craft Sniper Rifle of quality level 1. As you increase the Dead Eye Perk, you will be able to craft higher quality Sniper Rifles. Each higher quality level requires more materials in order to craft the Sniper Rifle as shown in the table below.

Required Materials


 Quality 1Quality 2Quality 3Quality 4Quality 5
Rifle Parts69121518
Forged Steel
Forged Steel
Duct Tape1015202530
Scrap Polymer406080100120

Repairing A Sniper Rifle

The Sniper Rifle will deteriorate with each use and when the durability reaches zero, you will need to repair it to use it any further. Sniper Rifle can be repaired with a Repair Kit.

Sniper Rifle Mods

ImageNameAffected PartDescription
 Bipod ModAccuracyIncreases accuracy and handling when aiming weapons.
 Barrel Extender ModBarrelIncreases damage, range and aimed accuracy at the cost of stability when fired from the hip.
 Silencer ModBarrelDecreases firing sound while reducing range and damage.
 Muzzle Brake ModBarrelReduces recoil.
 Cripple Em ModCripplingAdds a chance to cripple a leg on a bipedal target.
 Fore Grip ModGripsImproves handling and accuracy when firing from the hip or moving.
 Magazine Extender ModMagazineIncreases magazine capacity.
 Reflex Sight ModScopeMinor visual magnification but designed for fast target acquisition.
 Weapon Flashlight ModSideA portable light source.
 Laser Sight ModSideHelps with aiming quickly and increases accuracy when firing from the hip.
 The Hunter ModSpecial DamageIncreases damage to living beings.
 Rad Remover ModSpecial DamageTemporarily disables the regeneration ability of radiated zombies.
 Retracting Stock ModStockImproves weapon handling while firing from the hip.
 Trigger Group: Full Auto ModTriggerModify the trigger group to fire full auto.
 Trigger Group: Burst ModTriggerModify the trigger group to fire 3 round bursts.
 Trigger Group: Semi ModTriggerModify the trigger group to fire single shots.


  • In earlier versions of the game, the Sniper Rifle and the Marksman Rifle looked the same. However, the later updates changed the design to make them look different.
  • The Sniper Rifle can also be used to damage structures and blocks. However, they are much more effective at shooting down enemies especially from a distance.
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